VSM-3000 VSM 3000 VSM-3000

VSM-3000 High speed strapping machine for highest productivity. Next Generation - Side seal strapping machine. Fastest machine in the range. VSM-3000 ...

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VSM 3000 VSM-3000 VSM 3000 VSM-3000

Next Generation - Side Side seal sealstrapping strapping machine. machine. Fastest Fastestmachine machinein inthe therange. range.

High speed strapping strapping machine machine for for highest highest productivity. productivity.

High reliability

Durable design built for 24/7 operation

High speed and productivity

VSM 3000

Full-length chute flaps for maximum efficiency

Reduced cycle time

High strap feed and take up speed of 6.7 m/s

Compact and robust design

Flexible machine design to suit most applications

Low operational costs

Long life, wear free brushless drive motors

VSM 3000

Next Generation - Side seal strapping machine. Fastest machine in the range.

The VSM 3000 side seal machine has been developed for high strap feeding of speeds up to 6.7 m/s. This gives the highest availability and uptime for general logistics and other medium duty applications. The VSM Series suits most customers needs to secure products on pallets and non-palletised loads using both PP and PET strapping material.

Technical Specifications Chute Dimensions

High reliability and compact design Durable design and components, built for 24/7 operation.

High speed and productivity Fastest strapping head in the range for lowest cycle times. Strap tension from 200 to 3000 N for secure and very stable loads.


600–2000 mm

Pack Height

350–3100 mm

Strap Sizes

9–16 mm

Strap Types

Polypropylene and Polyester

Strap Tension

200–1200 N / 200–3000 N

Strap Feed Speed

6.7 m/s


Siemens S7-1200

Operator Display

7” HMI TFT Screen

El. Connection

400 V 3 Ph 50 Hz

El. Consumption

1,5 kVA

Control Voltage

24 V DC

Machine weight

550 kg

Easy to service and use


Easy to use HMI system Modular component concept, tool free quick fastener system. Simple exchange of functional units for all the machine.

■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■

Low cost of operation H3000

Pack Width

Fully electric strapping head and bayonet with brushless drives. Long life and wear free. Reduced machine service costs and frequency.

Strap end pre-warning coil Safety fence Profibus DP or Profinet Conveyor and turntable options Conveyor controls Load downholder Special colour (RAL) Other options available

High seal efficiency Friction weld system, with no pre-heating time needed. Vibration-weld system. Odourless and smokeless.

■■ Built as standard with heavy-duty, high quality telescopic strap chute flaps for reliable, high-speed strap feeding ■■ The full length chute flaps ensure exact strap strip out for accurate and most importantly, vertical strap positioning onto the load ■■ Strap chute built to suit each customer application - for maximum productivity ■■ Frequency controlled drive motors - for lowest cost of ownership ■■ Suitable for all 9–16 mm PP or PET strapping to suit most customer application needs ■■ Durable design components - maximised machine uptime and overall equipment effectiveness, results in low cost of ownership ■■ High package stability- due to accurated retained strap tension on load


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