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The Advanced Trauma Life Support Course teaches a systematic, concise approach to the ... all components of the ATLS course, including the pre- and po...

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October–November 2009 • volume 2 • issue 5

The ATLS advance The Global Presence of ATLS

ATLS Promulgation by Year 1970s • United States 1980s • Canada, Trinidad and Tobago, Chile, Mexico, United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, Argentina 1990s • Israel, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Singapore, Peru, Italy, The Netherlands, Columbia, Indonesia, Sweden, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Bolivia, Switzerland, Denmark, Panama, Portugal

For more information about a specific country, please contact Jasmine Alkhatib, the ATLS International Coordinator, at 312-202-5202 or [email protected]

2000s • Spain, Ecuador, Venezuela, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Thailand, Norway, Lithuania, Jamaica, Hungary, Costa Rica, Pakistan, India

Lebanon and Nigeria Participate in Initial ATLS Training in the UAE

ATLS at AAST Annual Meeting

Teams from Lebanon and Nigeria were in Fujairah, UAE, earlier this month to complete initial training in anticipation of inaugural ATLS programs in their countries later this year. John Kortbeek, MD, FACS, International Course Director, worked with the UAE Course Director, Subash Gautam, MBBS, FACS, and local faculty to prepare the candidates. Jameel Ali, MD, FACS, participated in the Student course and acted as the Educator for the Instructor course. George Abi Saad, MD, leader of the Lebanese team, and Dr. Nwauwa, the Nigerian team leader, were pleased with the performance of their doctors, educators, and coordinator candidates and are excited about the potential for ATLS in their countries.

On October 1–3, 2009, ATLS Regional Coordinator Sharon Borum attended the 68th Annual American Association for the Surgery of Trauma (AAST) meeting in Pittsburgh, PA. Ms. Borum appreciated the opportunity to visit with the State Chairs of Northern California and Maryland, as well as several instructors from Regions III and IX.

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“ATLS has trained more than one million doctors around the world.”

A me ric a n C o l l ege o f Surgeo n s • 633 N. Sa in t C l a ir S t. • C hic ag o, IL 6 0 611-3211 at l s p h o n e 312-202- 516 0 • at l s fa x 312-202- 5 0 0 5

The AT L S Advance Clinical Congress Wrap-Up

New Chairs Announced

The 95th Annual ACS Clinical Congress held on October 11–15, 2009, was a great success. Copies of clinical congress the daily Clinical Congress News are available online, as are the Webcast sessions that include PowerPoint presentations. The ACS is grateful to everyone who visited Chicago and attended this year’s Clinical Congress. The ATLS staff is especially thankful to those who stopped by to visit the new ATLS and Trauma booths.

Corey Detlefs, MD, FACS, Arizona

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Ronald Robertson, MD, Arkansas

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Paul Harrison, MD, FACS, Kansas

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New Trauma Web Site Launched At some point in time, everyone has experienced the frustration of trying to find information on a disorganized and ineffective Web site. The revamped Committee on Trauma Web site is not only organized and effective, it is also visually appealing. The new format communicates the unified vision of the various COT programs and provides helpful information on the COT. Potential ATLS participants will find the online course search much more accessible, so be sure to mark your courses as “open” in the CRA. Please check it out! www.facs.org/trauma/index.html

Course Material Surveys In early October, the ATLS Program office conducted a series of surveys regarding the 8th Edition ATLS course materials. The surveys were sent to the coordinators, instructors, and students who have been involved in an 8th Edition ATLS course. Most of the respondents expressed appreciation for the 8th Edition course materials. A strong majority stated that the Student and Faculty manuals effectively meet the needs of students, coordinators, and faculty. Suggested improvements included updating Triage Scenarios and X Rays, and reviewing the placement of algorithms in the course. Overall, the 934 respondents were impressed by the 8th Edition course materials and gave helpful suggestions for future revisions. Thank you for sharing your valuable thoughts! If you would like a more thorough report on the survey findings, please contact Emily DeLew at the ATLS Program office at [email protected]

Online Coordinator’s Corner Topics Check out what your fellow ATLS coordinators are talking about! • Trauma Man versus Synman • Peritoneal Dialysis Catheters • Joint ATCN/ATLS • ATLS Course Equipment and Course Administration Your feedback and experience are invaluable— Please share them with other coordinators! Contact your ATLS Regional Coordinator in order to gain access to Coordinator’s Corner.

“More than 60 percent of ATLS students worldwide are outside the U.S. and Canada.”

“More than 8,000 ATLS faculty members have completed the online 8th Edition update.”

A me ric a n C o l l ege o f Surgeo n s • 633 N. Sa in t C l a ir S t. • C hic ag o, IL 6 0 611-3211 at l s p h o n e 312-202- 516 0 • at l s fa x 312-202- 5 0 0 5

The AT L S Advance Charge Initiated for Replacement Card

CME Updates Instructor Course

The ATLS office will now charge $10 for replacement ATLS cards. A disclaimer has been added to the bottom of the ATLS card and certificate to notify card recipients of this policy change. Any questions or concerns regarding the new replacement card fee can be directed to your ATLS Regional Coordinator (www.facs.org/trauma/atls/staff.html).

The ACS Division of Education recently designated the ATLS one-day Instructor course for 11 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™. The one-and-a-halfday Instructor course will continue to be awarded 15 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™. A new CME certificate for the one-day course has been added to the Online Course Management System.

Participant CME

PE Card Language Changed Recently, the language of the Physician Extender cards has been changed to read, “is recognized as successfully completing the ATLS Course® in its entirety.” In order for an NP or PA to receive a Physician Extender card, they must successfully participate in all components of the ATLS course, including skill stations and testing. All Physician Extenders must be included in the instructor/student ratios. Please note that in order to print a Physician Extender card, the participant type must be “Physician Extender” (not Auditor/PE or Nurse Practitioner) in the Course Management System.

Pre-Test for Student Course Announced The ATLS Program office is pleased to announce that the pre-test for Student courses is now available online! This is the first step toward standardizing our tests and automatically recording the test results for each course. In this first phase, an e-mail containing the pre-test link is automatically sent to participants when their e-mail addresses are entered into the Course Management System. When the participant completes the pre-test, the coordinator receives the participant’s score via e-mail, and the score is automatically uploaded onto the Course Management System. The final phase of this project will automatically create a summary of all the scores per question. This summary will help the instructors focus their lectures toward the specific needs of the participants, and it will allow the ATLS Program office to verify the quality of the test. Thank you for patiently adapting to these changes. Keep your eyes open for future improvements.

“ATLS is now in more than 60 countries around the world.”

In order to receive AMA PRA Category 1 Credit ™, an ATLS course participant must “successfully complete” all components of the ATLS course, including the pre- and post-tests to measure course effectiveness. *Nonphysicians may still receive the nonphysician’s Certificate of Attendance regardless of their level of participation (Physician Extender or Auditor), as the certificate does not directly confer credit, it only verifies their attendance. For any questions or information regarding Continuing Medical Education, please contact Danielle Haskin, ATLS CME & Communications Specialist, at [email protected]

Content Submission Requested The ATLS office is accepting idea submissions to be featured in an upcoming issue of the ATLS Advance. Please contact Danielle S. Haskin at [email protected] org or 312-202-5388 for idea submission or questions regarding the content of the ATLS Advance.

About our Organization… The American College of Surgeons (ACS) was founded in 1913 to raise the standards of surgical practice and to improve the care of the surgical patient. The College has worked to establish guidelines for the care of the trauma patient. The Advanced Trauma Life Support Course teaches a systematic, concise approach to the early care of the trauma patient. This course is vital to guiding care for the injured patient in emergency department trauma rooms. The course training provides a common language that can save lives in critical situations.

“To improve the care of the surgical patient.”

A me ric a n C o l l ege o f Surgeo n s • 633 N. Sa in t C l a ir S t. • C hic ag o, IL 6 0 611-3211 at l s p h o n e 312-202- 516 0 • at l s fa x 312-202- 5 0 0 5