True Romance

(EXTRACT: Diner scene, pages 12-14) ... And in a theater full of empty seats, ... A smile cracks on her face and develops into a big wide grin...

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WRITING A FILM SCRIPT : An example taken from “True Romance”

TRUE ROMANCE By Quentin Tarantino

Page number top right

TITLE written in caps

By … : name of script writer (first name, then surname)

August 1992 Early Draft

Date (month and year) of script completion

(EXTRACT: Diner scene, pages 12-14)

For Education Purposes Only

The SCENE HEADING (or “slug line”) in caps 1 - INT = Interior 2 - Location 3 - Time of day

The ACTION (descriptive text of the screenplay) is always short, 3-5 lines, in the present tense, and an active voice.

The CHARACTER NAME is in caps, above the dialogue

The DIALOGUE (what each character says) is written directly beneath the character’s name. There are no speech marks like this “…” or like this « … ».

FONT : Screenplays are written in Courier 12 point font. (This is mainly because of timing: one script page in Courier 12 is roughly one minute of screen time.)