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video clips and pirated Nepali movies. cCompany websites are showcases for businesses run by Nepalese people abroad (accountants, lawyers,...

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sistance and debt borrowing have all been in relative decline (Orozco 2003; idb/mif 2002). Due to its sheer volume, stability and anti-cyclical nature remittances

As Tyler Burge has 8implacably demonstrated, there are more or less strong definitions of both ‘mind’ and ‘representation’. Saying that lots of beings think in a weak sense is a commonplace; the real feat would be to prove that a range of beings are

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ministry of foreign affairs and regional integration diaspora engagement initiative of the ministry of foreign affairs and regional intergration

the model: Nature is defined from the point of view of Culture, not the opposite. According to the canonical model, every Culture conceives of itself as Order, opposed to something on the outside, which is seen as Chaos, Disorder, and Barbarism, in o

21. Close-up of the alabaster love charm, warmi munachi 146 22. The warmi munachi love charm wrapped in colored woolen strands 146 23. Woman singer of the "Ukumbi Snake-Woman" song 150 24. Child in a canoe 151 25. Riverine settlement 156 26. Serving

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