best understanding of the REACH regulation with regard to SVHC and resulting obligations at the time of publication. The interested reader is referred...

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STATEMENT FOR COBALT COMPOUNDS Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of the Chemicals (REACH) requires for example that information of certain Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) is communicated in the supply chain when it is over 0.1% in the article, preparation or substance. For further information please visit SVHC candidate obligations and SVHC candidate list. Cobalt dichloride as well as cobalt(II) carbonate, cobalt(II) diacetate, cobalt(II) dinitrate and cobalt(II) sulphate have been placed on the candidate list of SVHC on 28th October, 2008 and 15th December, 2010, respectively, due to the identification as carcinogenic and toxic for reproduction substances. There are currently no international test standards available to identify and determine quantitatively the amounts of the SVHC present in consumer

products finished articles. After careful consideration of ECHA requirements and thorough research, a SGS in-house screening method has been developed by checking the presence of cobalt and other appropriate tracers in the sample. This approach is confirmed as valid according to the recommendation from the ECHA helpdesk. To even enhance the analytical evidence an extractive confirmation test was developed by SGS in order to distinguish SVHC cobalt compounds from other widely used cobalt containing substances in various applications. This approach makes use of substance specific solubility under certain extraction conditions. However, due to the fact that the source of cobalt and/ or respective SVHC anions cannot be categorically identified, the amounts of cobalt dichloride, cobalt(II) carbonate, cobalt(II) diacetate, cobalt(II) dinitrate




Cobalt dichloride



Cobalt(II) carbonate



Cobalt(II) diacetate



Cobalt(II) dinitrate



Cobalt(II) sulphate



and cobalt(II) sulphate present are therefore based on calculation. For the sake of maximum security the calculation is based on the worst-case scenario and the reported values should be regarded as for reference only. Whenever there is a positive finding, clients are advised to review the chemical formulation as well as the related production process in order to ascertain the material of concern which is present in the article. We would like to inform you that there may be further obligations in connection with REACH for placing articles containing >0.1% SVHC on the markets of EU member states. Please contact [email protected] for further information.

SGS GLOBAL REACH AND RSTS TEAM Date of preparation: 02nd January 2015

This statement is issued by the Company subject to its General Conditions of Service. Attention is drawn to the limitations of liability, indemnification and jurisdictional issues defined therein. This statement cannot be reproduced, except in full, without prior written permission of the Company. The explanations given in this document reflects our best understanding of the REACH regulation with regard to SVHC and resulting obligations at the time of publication. The interested reader is referred to the regulatory primary literature and or professional advice for legally binding advice.