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Solutions for Mobile Operators ... ticketing and more ... • Rapid adoption of ITIL and eTOM industry best practices. NG Service Delivery Platform The ...

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Solutions for Mobile Operators Introduction

Mobile operators are faced with the challenges resulting from mar-

Integrated subledger

ket saturation in the majority of countries. Innovative product offer-

Carrier grade scalability and performance.

Fully convergent solution with real-time, service agnostic billing and discounting of voice and non-voice services

ings and enhanced service levels are indispensable in order to attain new customers.

Interconnect Billing Mobile operators can find many solutions aimed at improving management and control of services and networks in addition to the

Comarch Interconnect Billing is designed for all telecommunication

billing of end customers. Thanks to our solutions, mobile operators

operators and service providers who maintain relations with other

can smoothly deliver, control and bill core and value-added servic-

providers and therefore have the need to exchange settlements, in-

es and easily manage their relationships with customers and oth-

voices and share revenue or costs. It offers support in handling bill-

er operators.

ing-related processes for origination, termination and transition of services through the operator’s network, as well as roaming-related billing processes.

Convergent Billing Comarch Convergent Billing provides operators with all business proPartner Management

cesses necessary for everyday operations, including revenue man-

Routing Optimalization

agement, invoicing processes and customer relationship manageRating & Billing

ment, as well as efficient integration with network equipment.


Interconnect Billing Solution Partner Self Care

Prices & Prefixes Management

Operators like Auchan Telecom in France, Bite in Lithuania and Latvia, Belize TL in Belize and many more are using the solution for running

Settlement Reports Reconciliation

and successfully developing their businesses.

Interconnect Usage Data

Operator subscriber


Settlement Reports Voice and non-Voice services

Interconnection Customer Self Care

Invoicing Product Catalog

Point of Sale


Operator’s Network Payments Top-Ups

Partner’s adkministrator Telco partner’s subscriber


Customer Management

Billing System Balance Management

Account Management

Resource Management

All services on one platform – Handling Voice, Data, Messaging and content services

Multiple settlement types – Bilateral agreements, Hubbing, Revenue

Rule-based Rating & Charging

Carrier grade performance, scalability and reliability – Hundreds of

Active Mediation

Support for regulated services

Strong support during business changes and following regulations –

Export to GL

Mobile operator

Telco partner’s

Service Activation

Sharing, Roaming, Content- based billing and more millions of events per day, (more than 50M events/1hr, 4CPU)

Mobile Network Equipment

with flexible configuration and a powerful inbuilt aggregating engine.

Revenue Sharing

Partner/Supplier Relationship Management

Comarch Revenue Sharing is designed for operators who cooperate

Appropriate inter-partner settlements and revenue assurance sce-

with other operators, content or service providers in order to deliver

narios between operators and partners are needed when the level

comprehensive services to their customers. It enables the manage-

of service offerings for end subscribers increases.

ment of partner relationships, settlements and calculating the reveComarch Partner Relationship Management supports operators in all

nue and costs for all partners.

complex relationships with partners and suppliers and provides core Revenue Sharing becomes extremely important in modern services

features such as agreements management, workflow processes, reg-

where service delivery chains are becoming complex and longer.

ulated services support (BSA, LLU, WLR), dispute management, orders handling, SLA auditing and managed communication channels.

Roaming Billing CRM for a Mobile Solution The Comarch Roaming Billing supports the process of roaming settlements for mobile operators and consists of several modules – The

The Comarch CRM solution is an integrated set of workflow-driven

Comarch Billing System, Comarch InterPartner Billing and Comarch

modules for mobile operators who want to increase ARPU by deliv-

Billing Mediation.

ering superior customer experience across channels and across the  customer lifecycle. Highlights of the solution include:

Roaming billing support the following features: •

Roaming agreements management

Direct partners agreements or Clearing House

End customer and partner rating for roaming services

Usage data exchange via TAP/RAP files and NRTRDE according to

Self Care – more power to customers through unique features for

CRM for Telecoms – with broad functionalities for selling, campaigns

individual and corporate clients

GSMA standards.

and customer service, including order handling, ticketing and more •

Point of Sale – a light yet powerful sales application for shops owned by both operators’ and dealers’ alike. Pre-integration with Comarch Billing.

Voucher & Top-Up Management


Comarch Voucher & Top-Up Management is an independent component which supports mobile and IP operators with the management

Self Care

of vouchers and recharging of user accounts. The system can be integrated with existing network infrastructure such as media gatePoint of Sale

ways or delivered with a dedicated IVR module.

IVR, Web, USSD Top-Up Management Point of Sale integration

System Monitoring


Voucher Lifecycle Management

PINs / Vouchers Import External voucher / PIN suppliers


External voucher distributors



OSS for Mobile Operators


PINs / Vouchers Export



Customer Self Care

Voucher & Top-Up Voucher Management

Data Security

CRM for Telecoms

Billing System

Exporting for printing

Vouchers import & export


Comarch OSS for Mobile Operators is a suite of fine grain-end modules with standard based API which can be delivered as a pre-inteBalance updates

Intelligent Network Prepaid System

grated solution comprising both Service and Network Management functionality. The solution is built up from Network & Service Inventory, the Service Delivery Platform and Service Assurance. The OSS Suite includes a comprehensive mediation layer with the underlying network assuring end-to-end operations support processes.



tomer Facing Services down to network resources. Comarch OSS Process

Customer-tailored solution supporting both pre-integration and

Management, by attaining intelligence from the inventory data, provides

individual modules integration

high automation for network and service management processes.

Reduced integration costs provided by industry standard-based

(eTOM, ITIL, SID, MTOSI) based OSS Suite modules


Complete pre-integrated OSS solution comprising Fulfillment, As-

Operational excellence thanks to the complete top-down view from

Absence of a gap between business, customer- centric view and

surance, Operations Support & Readiness and Product Lifecycle Management vertical eTOM areas •

Business-driven operation enabled by filling the gap between

Shortening time-to-market by service lifecycle management and

services to the underlying network resources underlying technical infrastructure enables better cost control of

customer-centric view and network driven operation

network development and maintenance •

service fulfillment and service assurance process automation spanning service and network layers.

Higher process automation enabled by “intelligence” captured in comprehensive data

Seamless integration of operation processes around inventory integration hub

Central inventory providing unified view for various cross- organization operations processes.

Service Level Management

Inventory Management

OSS Process Management

Fault Management

Next Generation Service Management Comarch Next Generation Service Management is a solution with the

Performance Management

mission of enabling fast and cost- effective introduction of new exciting customer services leveraging technology convergence. HLR

Broadcast Content Provider




Backbone Border Router


Content Provider

The solution draws benefits from the service fulfillment and service assurance synergy driven by the service inventory data. This idea is




depicted in the fig below. Service & Resource Inventory – the integration hub

Operator‘s Content

Customer Focus

Process-Driven Inventory

Service delivery

Service assurance



Capture customer needs

Calculate Customer service impact

Identify what technical services are required

Identify impacted technical services

Allocate resources

Identify faulty resources

Customer Facing Services

The Process-Driven Inventory solution plays the role of an integration hub for all OSS processes. The unique glue capability is achieved by pre-in-

Resource Facing Services

tegration of Network & Service Inventory with the OSS Process Management module. Network & Service Inventory employs TMF’s SID model to provide an end-to-end network view comprising the ability to map CusSLA Management


Service Management Network Focus

Fault Management

Trouble Ticketing

Benefits •

Reducing time-to-market for service introduction embracing service fulfillment and service assurances operations readiness

Comarch Comarch Comarch Network OSS Process Service Inventory Management Inventory Management Management Comarch OSS Mediation Platform

No need for the Big bang – enables a step- by- step transformation from many vertical OSS systems towards a horizontal platform

Reduced maintenance costs as one NGSM has the potential to replace many vertical OSS systems

Higher degree of automation by attaining intelligence out offrom inventory data for service fulfillment and assurance processes

3rd party system


Physical devices

automation •

Filling the gap between service inception and network operations.


NG Service Delivery Platform

service management enables a high level of pro-activeness, reducing the service degradation perceived by customers.

The Comarch Next Generation Service Delivery Platform is a solution within the service fulfillment area which employs a component-


based service creation concept to achieve shorter time-to-market for

Customer service oriented view on network quality

new service introduction while keeping costs low. The concept is im-

Pro-active service incident management capability

plemented by the service catalog-driven service assembly process.

Reduced costs by higher automation both in customer service

The service catalog leverages the TMF SID model for service composition definition, which enables managing a partner’s components

impact calculation and root cause analysis •

Rapid adoption of ITIL and eTOM industry best practices.

for creating new customer services. Benefits •


Customer Facing Services

Reducing time-to-market for service introduction by component-

BB Retail

BB Enterprise

based service creation concept realization •

Operational readiness for tackling services requiring a very short

Intermediate Services BB Configuration

lifecycle to be able to follow the ‘Internet-speed’ changing customer

Customer Infrastructure


needs. •

Ability to embrace new revenue sources based on complex con-

Specific Conf.

vergent and content services •


Resource Facing Services Generic Conf.


Support for business models based on collaboration including leveraging wisdom of the developers community



Reduced costs by boosting reusability of service components and

Network Resources

leveraging SOA. ...

BlackBerry RIM Platform

Next Generation Service Assurance Comarch NG Service Assurance is a solution with the primary role of im-

Auth Server





About Comarch

proving of customer satisfaction and experience. The solution enables detecting and calculating the customer impact for network alarms and

Since 1993, Comarch has been specializing in designing, implementing,

resource performance metrics, providing comprehensive customer ser-

and integrating solutions and services for telecommunications opera-

vice monitoring. Early detection combined with ITIL-based incident and

tors. Experience gained throughout this period, in addition to the company’s knowledge of the latest industry trends led to the development of a wide customer portfolio that is spread across 4 continents and in-

Third Party Component


cludes some of the biggest market players, such as T-Mobile International, Telefónica O2 Germany, as well as MVNO operators such as Auchan

Content Third Party Component

Service Layer

Content Aggr


Third Party Component Content Aggr

Broadband Service

Set-top box

Set-top box

Telecom, France. The satisfaction of Comarch’s customers has always been the strongest confirmation of the quality of its solutions in the areas of billing and inter-partner settlements, as well as management of telecommunications networks and services. Comarch’s solutions for telecom operators are intended for Fixed, Cable and Broadband Operators,

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Content Aggregator

Broadband Provider

Set-top box /TV/PC

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