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Solutions for Mobile Equipment Your Global Automation Partner



Distributing signals

Monitoring inclination

Determining the trunk diameter

■■ Customized extension cables transmit data securely,

■■ Biaxial inclinometers monitor the inclination of

■■ Inductive angle sensors located at the delimbing

even under extreme application conditions ■■ The ready-made and overmoulded cables are highly tight, resistant to mechanical load and chemicals and thereby ensure failsafe operation of the entire network

harvesters and automatically level the driver cabin, threshing system and grain tank ■■ The sensors fulfill the highest demands on electronics and mechanics

knives measure the trunk diameter in order to bring the saw in the right position for cutting ■■ Thanks to the contactless operating principle, wearout failures belong to the past and costly maintenance measures are reduced

Mobile Crane Monitoring the inclination of the driver’s cabin

Determining the boom inclination

■■ Biaxial inclinometers monitor and automatically

or analog output determine the boom position for optimal control of the vehicle ■■ The sensors are optimally adjusted to the crane’s individual limit states and parameters thanks to various setup options

■■ Uniaxial inclinometers with CANopen interface

level the inclination of the cabin for more ease of use ■■ Individual setup of parameters for reliable levelling

Monitoring rotation speeds

Monitoring the steps outside the driver’s cabin

Determining the stabilizers’ positions

Determining the boom angle position

■■ Rectangular inductive sensors monitor the rotation

■■ Rectangular inductive proximity switches enhance

■■ Draw-wire sensors with CANopen interface or ana-

■■ Inductive angle sensors with analog output capture

speed of the threshing drum and the blower ■■ Thanks to the flat rectangular design, they fit almost anywhere. Mechanics and electronics are ruggedly designed, thus ensuring safe operation of all functions, including diagnostics of wire-break and short-circuit

the operational safety through monitoring the steps outside the driver cabin ■■ The sensors are easily and securely mounted – risk of mechanical damage is reduced thanks to the compact design and the large switching distance

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log output capture the position of the stabilizers to determine the maximum load torque ■■ Rugged encoder and draw-wire mechanics for high operational safety

Monitoring the crane’s inclination ■■ Biaxial inclinometers with CANopen interface or

D101985 | 2018/04


analog output monitor and automatically level the crane’s inclination ■■ The compact design and rugged construction according to the e1 type approval, ensure safe operation at all times

the boom position to determine the limit states

■■ Thanks to the compact design and the wear and

magnet-free operating principle, the sensors are easily and quickly mounted and thereby made for longterm reliable operation

Solutions for Mobile Equipment

Collect Precisely

Connect Reliably

Communicate Effectively

Automate Efficiently

Inclinometers ■■ Available with analog and switching

Inductive sensors

Cables and connectors

output or CANopen interface ■■ Rugged IP69K rated design, improved thermostability ■■ Fulfill the requirements of the e1 specification ■■ Individual filter settings for suppression of vibration and shock

■■ E1 type-approval of the Federal

Motor Transport Authority ■■ High protection rating (IP69K) and highly thermostable ■■ Load-dump protection and improved EMC properties ■■ Many different designs, optionally available with vehicle-specific connectivity

■■ High protection rating (NEMA 6P, IP67, IP68,

IP69K), shock and vibration proof ■■ Thermostable, oil and chemicalresistant materials ■■ Many different connector types, ready-made and injection-moulded

Ultrasonic sensors ■■ V4A metal-encased sensors for extre-

Compact I/O modules in IP67 and IP9K

HMI panel with CODESYS PLC

■■ Multiprotocol technology for use with

■■ Easy programming of control and visual-

PROFINET, EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP

■■ Fully potted electronics (IP65/IP67/IP69K),

ization functions with CODESYS V3

■■ Can be flexibly used as a PROFINET

vibration and shock proof ■■ Different variants with 4 to16 I/O channels, analog signals, IO-Link Master ■■ ARGEE browser-based programming environment converts Turck´s Ethernet block-I/Os into compact FLC (Field Logic Controller)

master, EtherNet/IP scanner, Modbus TCP/RTU master or Modbus TCP/RTU slave ■■ Brilliant 4 to 21-inch TFT displays

mely harsh application conditions

Encoders and draw-wire sensors

Capacitive sensors ■■ High protection rating (IP69K) and

■■ Compact sensors with teach function ■■ Measuring range up to 8 m

■■ Highly shock and vibration proof ■■ IP69K rated and immune to interferences

■■ Long-life LED technology, very low power consumption

at high speed rotation ■■ Optionally available with SIL or e1 type approval

■■ Signal transfer and voltage distribution ■■ Different designs and wirings available ■■ Rugged construction (fully

improved EMC properties

table sensitivity ■■ Adjustable foreground suppression ■■ Many different designs, optionally available with vehicle-specific connectivity

Pressure sensors ■■ Peak pressure cover prevents

damage caused by high pressure shocks

■■ High operational safety thanks to rugged mechanical and electronic design

■■ Broad medium temperature range ■■ Various electrical connection options

■■ Various analog outputs for 5VDC, 12VDC and 24VDC on-board power supply

■■ Excellent light quality, clearly visible over

Passive junctions and T-pieces

■■ Fixed customized settings or adjus-

such as Deutsch, AMP, Kostal and others

Tower lights and LED strips

encapsulated), IP67 rated

long distances and in daylight

■■ Insensitive to impact, shock and vibration ■■ Flexible and simple installation due to versatile mounting accessoriesr

Modular I/O system BL67 ■■ Gateways for many different fieldbuses and

Linear position and angle sensors

Interface modules and power supply units

■■ Magnet-free resonator principle, works

■■ Modules to isolate, convert, process and

contactless and wear-free, failsafe detection of signals ■■ High shock and vibration resistance ■■ Exceed the requirements of the e1 specification

condition analog and digital signals ■■ Different standard designs and widths

Ethernet, also available as programmable versions with CODESYS V3 ■■ Multiprotocol technology for PROFINET, EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP ■■ I/O modules available as: digital, analog, ■■ temperature, RS232/485/422, SSI, RFID, valve manifolds ■■ Connectivity: M8, M12, M23 and 7/8“

Wireless system DX ■■ Flexible network modules for radio

transmission of sensor signals ■■ Point-to-Point connection, star topology, multi-hop repeater network ■■ Configuration software

Peripheral control ■■ CODESYS-programmable gateways for the I/O system BL67

RFID-System BL ident® ■■ Flexible and easy integration into systems, thanks to a big variation of communication modules in IP67

■■ Many application possibilities thanks to mixed HF and UHF operation

■■ Application-optimized data carriers and read/write heads, also for use in Ex areas

■■ CODESYS-programmable

BLOCK-I/O-PLC modules in IP65/IP67/IP69K