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table in front of you or a beer from a local micro-brewery – such stops remain as en-during memories. Traditional dishes from Franconia, Swabia and Up...

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Long-distance Walking Trail Romantic Road

No matter whether you plan to come individually by car, motor home, motorcycle, bicycle or foot, or in a group, you will find all the information you need to plan your journey along the Romantic Road in the various information brochures, all of which are designed to make your preparations as easy as possible. Naturally, you can also download all information from the internet.

To go walking is to discover slow time. Getting around on your own two legs relaxes you. Walking takes you away from the hectic comings and goings of everyday life and into a dimension of reflection. It heightens perception of little things by the wayside, be it the beauty of a hedgerow, the pure clear air of a beech wood, the song of a lark high above the fields or the rippling waves on a lake. On the Romantic Road‘s long-distance walking trail, hikers see and appreciate the spectacularly unspoilt character and beauty of nature. From the vineyards by the river Main and along the Tauber Valley, the European Watershed in the Frankenhöhe Nature Park, the fertile farmland of the Central Franconian Basin, the mysterious Ries, the lowland forests on the banks of the Danube and on to the foothills of the Alps, there is a vast variety of rivers, meadows, grasslands, pine forests and mixed woods, water-meadows and high moors, magical valleys and picture-book villages, which inspired so many Romantic painters in the 19th century.


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Daily bus connections (April – October) from Frankfurt to Munich and back along the Romantic Road. Online booking via, bicycle transport, package arrangements including overnight accommodation and sightseeing programme, individual tours for cyclists, hikers and motorists, arrangements that are guaranteed to be held. Touring Tours & Travel GmbH . Romantic Road Sales Office Am Römerhof 17 . 60486 Frankfurt/Main Phone +49 (0) 69 719126-261/-268 . Fax +49 (0) 69 719126-156 . [email protected]

Germany‘s best known and most popular holiday route

Starting in Würzburg and ending in Füssen, the Romantic Road‘s long-distance walking trail covers a distance of almost 500 kilometres. It is signposted all the way and takes you through an atmospheric landscape of traditional variety, with picturesque little towns, markets and villages, each with its own historic, heritage-protected centre. The trail follows the Romantic Road for almost its entire length, passing along woodland and country paths and quiet little roadways that give access to the countryside. In the towns, it takes in the historic town centres and gives walkers an opportunity to sample the individual local colour and everyday life of the inhabitants.

By bicyle

460 km

On foot

480 km

Romantic Road®

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410 km

Germany Holiday Route D9 Long-distance Cycle Trail

Going on a walking tour without stopping for something to eat and drink would be an unforgivable mistake on this gastrotrail that is the Romantic Road. A rest in a village inn often becomes a culinary highlight. A good meal with hearty regional food and a glass of Franconian wine on the table in front of you or a beer from a local micro-brewery – such stops remain as enduring memories. Traditional dishes from Franconia, Swabia and Upper Bavaria all find their way onto the tables of the local inns along the way.

Long-distance Walking Trail



Part 1 – From Würzburg to Donauwörth Part 2 – From Donauwörth to Füssen Price: € 13.90 (per guide) Published by Esterbauer Verlag, Rodingersdorf


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Wertheim Village




A 3 Frankfurt


A 3 Nü rnberg






Bad Mergentheim Weikersheim





Rothenburg o.d.T. Schillingsfürst



- Stuttgart




Dinkelsbühl Wallerstein Nördlingen

Schloss Baldern

Harburg Rain


A 8 Stuttgart

Augsburg Friedberg


ünch en -


Landsberg am Lech



A 96 Münch en




eilb A6H

A 7 Ulm - Kempten

Hikeline‘ walking guides Romantic Road (in German) Guide for walkers with maps on a scale of 1:35,000




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Those who finish the almost 500 kilometres of Germany‘s most varied long-distance walking trail - with all the diversity of its cuisine and the variety of its landscapes - and have a fully-stamped ‘hiking card‘ will be awarded a certificate and the Romantic Road gold badge. For those covering shorter sections, there is a bronze award for 9 places visited and a silver award for those who visit 18 stops along the Romantic Road. You can get both the ‘hiking card‘ and an appropriate stamp for each stage at all tourist offices along the route. Details of the entire route, as well as of the stops for each stage can be downloaded from the internet both as a map and in GPS data format at:

The triad of nature, culture and hospitality has been the trade mark of the Romantic Road for over 60 years. Running from the River Main to the Alps, it is Germany’s best known and most popular holiday route. The name Romantic Road expresses what many guests from home and abroad feel on seeing medieval towns or the fairy-tale castle at Neuschwanstein: fascination and the sense of being transported back in time. From Würzburg to Füssen, the Romantic Road opens up a wealth of European history, art and culture to travellers. On the way from north to south, the landscape changes from river valleys, fertile agricultural land, forests and meadows to dramatic mountain scenery: from Würzburg and wine, the Tauber Valley and Rothenburg, via the Ries, Lechfeld and Pfaffenwinkel districts to the castles of King Ludwig. However, a journey along the Romantic Road offers much more than beautiful countryside and culinary delights. The Romantic Road thrives on the harmony of culture and hospitality, on the unending series of new vistas in polymorphic landscapes, on towns with impressive buildings that have preserved their original appearance over the centuries. Balthasar Neumann designed the Residence in Würzburg. Tilman Riemenschneider is present throughout the Tauber Valley. Carl Spitzweg was fascinated by Rothenburg and Dinkelsbühl. In the Ries district, you can see the history of the earth for yourself. Augsburg bears witness to the Romans and, with the ’Fuggerei‘, is distinguished by the first social housing, which dates back to the 16th century. The ’Wieskirche‘, one of the most famous Rococo works of art, is to be found in the Pfaffenwinkel district. Hohenschwangau and, above all, Neuschwanstein, the world-famous castle of Bavarian King Ludwig II, are dreams in stone of bygone times and mark the end of the Romantic Road at the foot of the Bavarian Alps. If you are travelling by car, mobile home or motorcycle, simply follow the brown signs that link the individual towns along the Romantic Road. Cyclists can follow the green signs of the Romantic Road Long Distance Cycle Trail over the 460 km from Würzburg to Füssen. Under the number D9, this route is also part of the German Bicycle Club (ADFC) network of cycle routes. The blue signs mark the long-distance walking trail, a genuine pleasure route of almost 500 kilometres that passes through beautiful countryside and romantic towns and villages. Take time to explore the landscape, art and culinary delights that await you along the Romantic Road. On the way from the River Main to the Alps, you can be sure of discovering a host of extraordinary, inspiring and amazing sights well off the beaten path of mass tourism.



Germany’s best known and most popular holiday route



The Romantic Road




If your feet start to hurt, then just hop aboard the Romantic Road Coach. This service runs every day from April to October from Frankfurt via Würzburg, Rothenburg, Dinkelsbühl, Augsburg and Munich to Füssen and back. Further information is available at:

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