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certified PMP or CAPM. Pre-requisites Good knowledge in project management tools ... The PMP® credential recognizes demonstrated knowledge and skill i...

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Hands-on course , 2 day(s) Ref : PPR

Participants Everyone who wants to be certified PMP or CAPM.

Pre-requisites Good knowledge in project management tools and techniques. Project management experience and good level of English for the PMP examination. Candidates should have followed "PMI, project management" (réf. PPC) courses. Candidates should look at the PMP eligibility conditions on the PMI webpage (

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PMP Credentials OBJECTIVES The PMP® credential recognizes demonstrated knowledge and skill in leading and directing project teams and in delivering project results within the constraints of schedule, budget and resources. This training will give you support and advice how to pass the examination. 1) Reminder 2) Examination Registration process 3) Exam preparation

4) The exam process 5) Review, simulation, mock exam

Presenter Frédéric DESOMBRE He has many experiences as project manager. He worked for Air Liquid during 16 years, including 3 years experience as General Manager (IT) in Singapore. His main fields are Project Management, Project planning, UML users requirement, UML project modeling, Statement of requirements, Change Management. He also has a 18 years experience as instructor. In 2005 he passed the Project Management Professional Certification and is now PMP Preparation course Instructor.

1) Reminder - Review of PMI Project Management Framework (Framework, Process group, Domains, Techniques and Methods, Code of ethics and responsibility.

2) Examination Registration process - Certification Eligibility Requirements: content, advice on how to fill the document, how to describe the professional experience The final registration.

3) Exam preparation - Background: books, documents and tools. - How to plan the exam. - Key points of PMI Project Management (FAQ). - Preparation effort.

4) The exam process - Types of questions; the interface; Exam time management. - How to deal with questions, pitfalls...

5) Review, simulation, mock exam - A quiz is distributed to participants. - Reminders are given about PMI domains, tools (ROI, Earned-value...). - Each participant uses a software simulator in order to review basic concepts, monitor errors, control time spending, follow-up score. - A mock exam is organized at the end of the session.

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