- It is forbidden to use the logo and the appellation Off Festival without the authorization of the association Off of Perpignan under threat of legal...

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PHOTOGRAPHER - ASSOCIATION "OFF DE PERPIGNAN" AGREEMENT 2nd to 16th September 2017 PREAMBLE Since 1996, the Photo-Reportage Off, on the side-lines of the Festival "Visa for the Image-Perpignan", has been created by the local traders and for the local traders. It takes place in more than 80 exhibition sites, mainly favouring the city centre shops and businesses. Its concept and dynamism have given it, over the years, a notoriety with the general public. It is important to perpetuate the image of the Off festival, both on the quality of the exhibitions and on the quality of the places in which they are presented. Accordingly, it was agreed as follows: Between the undersigned: The association "Off de Perpignan" represented by Mr Didier HOIRY, President

On one hand,

And the photographer represented by ..............................................................................

On the other hand,

The photographer agrees to respect the following clauses: - The photographer agrees for the period from Saturday 2nd to Saturday 16th September 2017 as part of the Off Festival to be exhibited in the exhibition venue assigned by the organizer. The premises are local businesses and shops with opening hours specific to their activity (restaurants, cafes, banks, shops ...). - The photographer agrees to exhibit during the Off Festival, the number and the photos selected, during the selection, in the Free or Photo-Reportage theme. - The photographer agrees to respect the format requested by the organizers for the exhibition: that is to say the prints of the photographs must not be less than the format 30x30 cm and more than 40x50 cm. - It is required a certain rigor in the presentation namely: to legend the exhibition. Moreover, the photographs must be framed or presented on a minimum-2mm-thick-support, hung at the exhibitor before Thursday 31st August 2017 by the photographer or their representative. The unhanging organization modalities must be defined with the exhibition site.

- The organization of the exhibition is entirely at the photographer's expense in consultation with the exhibition site (printing, framing, reception of photos, hanging, etc ...) - It is important to specify that the organization and the expenses related to the opening of the exhibition are the responsibility of the exhibition venues. - The exhibitor is responsible for the exhibition. Even if the exhibition site does its utmost to protect the exhibition, it is recommended that the photographer subscribes an insurance for their exhibition. - Direct sales and price display on the exhibition site are not allowed. However, commercial relations are permitted in agreement with the exhibiting merchant. - The deposit (150 euros) deposited at the registration will be restored at the end of the festival. In case of last minute withdrawal, it will not be restored except for a serious reason. In addition, the association reserves the full right, on the non-compliance with the original conditions, to replace an exhibition that does not fulfil the conditions of the agreement and will retain the deposit for the moral damage caused. - The photographer authorises the association "Off de Perpignan" to publish the communication photo of their exhibition, which they have them-selves chosen before submitting the pre-selection file, on any existing or future media related to the Off Festival. - In their photographic journey, the selected exhibitors will specify ‘the Off Festival’ during all communications related to their participation in this festival. - The photographer accepts that the presented exhibition is projected partially or in full during the public screening, and during moments of diffusion in connection with the Off Festival. - It is forbidden to use the logo and the appellation Off Festival without the authorization of the association Off of Perpignan under threat of legal proceedings. - Your presence at the inauguration, at the opening of your exhibition and at the awards ceremony, except in cases of force majeure, is strongly desired. In addition, please be available at all time during the festival period.

The association "Off de Perpignan", organizer since 1996 of the Off Festival of Photo-Reportage, is committed to: - Inform the photographer of the exhibition place assigned to him - Ensure the communication of the Off: press, posters, guides, radios, partners - Guarantee a place of exhibition with hook, or rails, or grids and lighting - Ensure the organization of the press conference, inauguration and award ceremony - Provide technical advice. Please contact Michelle Sans and Murielle Rolland - 04 68 35 90 99 [email protected] I certify on my honour not to be a professional photographer. Perpignan, the In two copies If I am registered as an

Auto entrepreneur: Siret number: I certify that my income does not come from the photographic field

The President of the association «Off de Perpignan»

The photographer Precede the signature with the hand written mention "Read, approved, agreed".