Product Description The PHOENIX 2K Pumps (LFR and HFR) ... drive system and fixed ratio pumps in a modular design. ... The simple and mechanically rob...

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PHOENIX 2K Pump, LFR & HFR Product Data Sheet Rev. 4 - August 2006

Product Description The PHOENIX 2K Pumps (LFR and HFR) are metering, mixing and dispensing machines for reliable handling adhesives, sealants, encapsulants and other two component resin systems. They use a unique and patented single cylinder drive system and fixed ratio pumps in a modular design. Minimum floor space is needed.

All materials are contained within seperate enclosed systems and mixing takes place in a static mixer, which greatly reduces wastage compared with manual batch mixing. The simple and mechanically robust design has proved to be outstandingly reliable with excellent accessibility for servicing and obvious advantages over traditional two component equipment.

At the heart of the PHOENIX 2K Pump (LFR & HFR) two patented Posilad positive displacement pumps are placed, sized to match volume ratio 1:1 and which maintain output accuracy independent on material viscosity up to 1,000,000 cps at outputs from a few grams to several kilograms per minute.


The front of of the PHOENIX 2K Pump, LFR

The front of of the PHOENIX 2K Pump, HFR

Ratio range 1:1 Outstanding viscosity acceptance Shot size up to 0.2 litres, dependent on ratio Metering accuracy better than ±1% Simpe, robust, low maintenance design

Standard Specification Metering pumps: Patented Posiload positive displacement. 25mm bore (LFR) and up to 40mm bore (HFR). Plated mild steel. Continuous flow rate: Up to 3 litres per minute (LFR), to 7 litres per minute (HFR), dependent on material viscosity. Accuracy: Better than ±1% shot to shot. Machine drive: Single pneumatic cylinder and fixed ratio direct drive system. Material feed: Standard reservoir capacity is 25 or 30 litres, mild or stainless steel.

Machine finish: Painted frame and cabinet. Services requirements: Clean dry compressed air at 8 bar 800 litres per minute (LFR) or 3400 litres per minute (HFR) for maximum output. Weight (net): approx. 125 kgs (LFR), approx. 230 kgs (HFR). Standard Options Heating for reservoirs, pumps and hoses. Bulk feed material supply. Operation with external signals.

Mixing: Manometers for dispense pressure, shotcounter/repeater, push button cycle start, emergency safety stop.

The PHOENIX 2K Pump, LFR seen from the back

The PHOENIX 2K Pump, HFR seen from the back