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Traditional alarms offer either static buttons that allow no user mobility, or mobile alarms that do not pinpoint patient location. They also usually ...

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Nurse Call Solution Multitone EkoCare Peace of mind for nurses and patients

Our patient safety solution offers the ultimate in flexible, reliable and cost effective wireless alarms. Patient units can be wall-mounted, hand-held or pull-cord for flexibility, the network is mesh-based for failsafe reliability; and the repeaters are wireless for quick, easy and low-cost installation. We also offer staff alarm units, with alarm and assist options, to enhance the safety and communications capability of your nurses.

At a glance • Anytime, anywhere alarms: wall-mounted, handheld and pull-cord units (for bathrooms) mean that your patients can raise the alarm wherever they are – and the system will pinpoint their location to the relevant nurse • Nurse safety and assistance: with a messenger device, nurses can communicate with each other for assistance or in the case of an emergency • Easy, quick and economical to install: wireless repeater units offer rapid installation, minimising costs due to no mains rewiring and no ward closures • Optional extra safety features: wireless overdoor units can illuminate on patient alarm activation, additionally emitting an audible tone in daylight hours • Reliability you can trust: the system is radiobased, delivering superior transmission and accuracy through our failsafe mesh network • Developed for the patient environment: our units are robust, water proof at IP67 and include anti-microbial technology, helping to keep surfaces clean and hygienic, thereby reducing the threat of cross-contamination • Complete visibility: EkoCare system software can monitor all staff-patient contact – both alarmed and scheduled – and produce reports for management planning and relative reassurance purposes

A mobile patient or nurse; an exact alarm location Your care home, nursing home, retirement home or hospital needs a patient and nurse alarm system. You need it to be accessible to the patient whether they are bedbound or mobile; and, either way, you need it to pinpoint their exact location and alert the right people immediately; and you want it to be cost effective. It is likely that some of your nursing staff routinely work in isolation or late at night. Unfortunately, accidents happen, and when they do, you want your staff to be able to raise the appropriate alarm instantly – or for it to be triggered for them in the case of loss of consciousness. Traditional alarms offer either static buttons that allow no user mobility, or mobile alarms that do not pinpoint patient location. They also usually require extensive mains rewiring which multiplies the cost, as well as necessitating disruptive and expensive ward or room closures. EkoCare from Multitone features wall-based and mobile alarms, both of which identify the both staff and patient location. Based on wireless, failsafe technology, EkoCare offers both cost effectiveness – no mains rewiring – and reliability – in the unlikely event of a

Welcome to EkoCare, welcome to peace of mind

Welcome to EkoCare, welcome to peace of mind Your patients need to be able to call for help at any time, and from anywhere in your facility. EkoCare provides an alarm for every environment, from wall-mounted and mobile to pull-cord. You can deploy wall-mounted bed units, hand-held personal devices, and pull-cords for bathrooms, as your needs dictate. This guarantees that a unit is within reach of every patient at any time of the day or night. On alarm activation, a message is transmitted across a smart radio-based network of beacons and repeaters to the Multitone hub, which sends it on to a pre-set nurse or group. Any response is immediately acknowledged back to the patient for peace of mind. In the event of there being no response within a preconfigured time, the alarm can be further escalated – perhaps to the ward sister, or to a supervisor with pager or a two-way radio, or via a manager’s mobile phone. The EkoCare system can also be monitored by a powerful software program that tracks and reports on

It all adds up to peace of mind for your patients – and for you.

alarm activity. The resulting data may be used to identify patient needs, to reassure relatives and to refine care plans and staff rotas. If nurses are trained to push the “attending” button on all patient visits, then the system can report on all staff-patient contact time. Our portable devices are powered by rechargeable batteries, and are IP67 compliant for resistance to water, liquids and dust. The system is HM-08-03 compliant.

Radio – the most reliable alarm technology Multitone’s dedicated radio platform was developed to provide enhanced reliability and accuracy – beyond that delivered by infra-red (IR) or Wi-Fi location solutions – since IR can struggle to transmit through objects such as the person they have been designed to protect, and Wi-Fi offers poor accuracy. The Multitone radio network offers reliability through ‘mesh’, technology, meaning that, in the unlikely event of a beacon or repeater failing, the message will be retransmitted across an alternative pathway.

Product Summary

Patient Bed Unit Alarm

Network Repeaters

Wall-mounted within reach of the patient bed, the unit allows an alarm to be raised, meaning the message can be wirelessly delivered to a central hub, a nurse’s mobile device, and the over the door alarm.

The meshed network repeaters provide the overall coverage and accurate location reporting of an individual in need of help. For easy installation, the repeater is battery powered offering up to 2 years’ operation; alternatively, a mains powered option is available.

• Battery power offering 16-24 months’ average life, or optional 24V DC mains • Configurable sounder • Buttons: red emergency pull switch, blue assist button, green attendance button and amber patient call button • Alarm cancellation; green attendance button pressed once for attendance, then repeated to clear the alarm • Behaves as a repeater thereby becoming part of the wireless infrastructure

Staff Assistance & Alarm Fob The rechargeable fob allows an assist or emergency call to be generated either through the user pressing a button, or automatically through the dead-man or man-down features. Accurate location information is obtained from the repeater network and relayed to teams for immediate assistance.

Patient Bed Button The hand-held button is connected via a cord to the EkoCare bed unit, allowing patients to quickly call for assistance when required. • Cable length – 2 metres

Staff Assistance & Alarm Messenger The rechargeable messenger is a multi-functional device, capable of both displaying messages and possessing the ability to generate an assist or emergency alarm. Its display shows alarms from other messengers and call fobs, allowing the user to accept the alarm and signal back to confirm that assistance is on its way. Users can also receive messages sent from the hub administrator.

EkoMS The EkoCare Management and Information Software has been designed to monitor patient alarm location and the staff response, through a powerful dashboard display. From which system activity is logged; from call priorities, call volume to call location, providing the tools to manage a busy ward or home.

Bathroom Alarm

Over the Door Alarm

The wall- or ceiling-mounted bathroom call point, which, when activated, sends an alarm along with an audible tone.

Upon raising a patient call from a bed unit or hand held bed button, the over door alarm will illuminate with a simultaneous audible tone for alerting staff.

• Alarms raised via a press button or an anti-ligature pull cord

• Configurable sounder including night silence option

• Alarms cancellation process identical to the bed unit

• Behaves as a repeater thereby becoming part of the wireless infrastructure

• Behaves as a repeater thereby becoming part of the wireless infrastructure

• Same battery options as the bedroom wall unit, subject to sound/light configuration

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