Minova MAI Self Drilling Systems

In both cases, the Minova MAI Self Drilling Systems provide ideal solutions. Soil and Rock Nails are typically grouted along their entire length...

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UCT (N/mm2) < 40 - < 40 -< 50 < 50 - ... time, the ancor rods are ... Hollow core anchor rod - Minova MAI SDA self-drilling anchors allowable shear force

Minova MAI SDA self-drilling anchors Product catalogue. ... where boreholes would require the time consuming drilling ... UCT (N/mm2) < 40 - < 40 -< 50 < 50 -

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data Acquisition System · Comprehensive system to acquire and digitally store all relevant drilling and operating parameters · Remote diagnostic system for drilling rig

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Preventive maintenance is the smart way to achieve high performance and maximized uptime. COP CARE covers your rock drill’s service needs at key intervals

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