Minova MAI Self Drilling Systems

In both cases, the Minova MAI Self Drilling Systems provide ideal solutions. Soil and Rock Nails are typically grouted along their entire length...

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UCT (N/mm2) < 40 - < 40 -< 50 < 50 - ... time, the ancor rods are ... Hollow core anchor rod - Minova MAI SDA self-drilling anchors allowable shear force

Minova MAI SDA self-drilling anchors Product catalogue. ... where boreholes would require the time consuming drilling ... UCT (N/mm2) < 40 - < 40 -< 50 < 50 -

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data Acquisition System · Comprehensive system to acquire and digitally store all relevant drilling and operating parameters · Remote diagnostic system for drilling rig

Preventive maintenance is the smart way to achieve high performance and maximized uptime. COP CARE covers your rock drill’s service needs at key intervals

Grade of etherification 0.8 - 0.9 Active content % approx. 55 - 60 pH (1% solution) approx. 7 Temperatur grade °C max. 150

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