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  The  MIHPS  MSc.  is  joint  degree  of    Université  de  Versailles  Saint-­‐ Quentin-­‐en-­‐Yvelines,   Ecole   Centrale   de   Paris,   Ecole   Normale   Supérieure  de  Cachan  and  UniverSud  PRES.  


The  training  is  part  of  a  close  partnership  with  CEA  DAM  and  the     Consortium  [email protected]  (     CEA   is   a   French   government-­funded   technological   research   organization  (French  Atomic  Energy  Commission).   [email protected]  is  an  association  which  brings  together  more  than  sixty   companies  and  research  laboratories  and  was  brought  into  being   on   the   initiative   of   the   CEA   in   order   to   constitute   a   European   pole   of   competence   in   high   performance   digital   simulation.   It   was   entrusted   with   the   objectives   of   federating   the   whole   range   of   industrial   and   academic   players,   systems   suppliers   and   users,   providing  access  to  the  most  powerful  systems  currently  available,   promoting   and   increasing   the   attractiveness   and   the   appeal   of   this  sector  by  fostering  economic  development.     Members  of  [email protected]:   Airbus,   Aria   Technologies,   Bertin   technologie,   Bull,   CEA,   Cenaero,   Centre   scientifique   et   technique   du   bâtiment,   Cerfacs,   ClusterVision,   CNRS,   Communication   et   Systèmes,   Dassault   aviation,   DataDirect   Networks,   Distène,   Ecole   centrale   Paris,   Ecole  des  Mines  de  Paris,  Ecole  normale  supérieure  de  Cachan,   EDF,  ESI  Group,  Eurobios,  Ansys-­‐Fluent,  Fujitsu,  HP  France,  IFP,   INRIA,   Institut   national   des   télécom,   Intel,   Numtech,   Open   Cascade,   Oxalya,   Principia,   Safran,   Serviware,   SGI,   ST   Microelectronics,  Sun,  Supelec,  Total,  Transtec,  UVSQ.  

Research  laboratories     The  MIHPS  MSc.  is  supported  by     [email protected]  lab.:  public  private  partnerships  Intel,  CEA     GENCI,  Université  de  Versailles  St-­Quentin-­en-­Yvelines     PRiSM  Lab.  (UMR  CNRS)  and  LRC  ITACA  (CEA),     Université  de  Versailles  St-­Quentin-­en-­Yvelines     CMLA  Lab.  (UMR  CNRS),  ENS  Cachan.     MAS  Lab.,  Ecole  Centrale  de  Paris.       These  collaborations  will  enable  students  access  to  the  latest   generations  of  hardware  and  software.    

All  major  industrial  and  research  sectors  use  high  performance   computing  and  simulation  tools.  High  performance  computing  is   also  becoming  an  important  issue  for  company  competitiveness   allowing  them  to  reduce  time  and  cost  of  their  product  design.     This  master  is  the  first  Master  of  Science  in  France  dedicated  to   train   managers   specialized   in   this   vital   area.   By   using   the   tools   and  techniques  for  high  performance  computing  and  simulation,   students  







developments   determined   by   the   increasing   importance   of  

Master  of  Science  in     Informatics,    High  Performance  Computing   and  Simulation  

simulation  tools  and  the  continuous  augmentation  of  the  power   of  computing  systems.  

MIHPS web page: Contact : Director: Alain Bui, Professor, UVSQ MIHPS Master Informatique Haute Performance et Simulation UFR Sciences Université de Versailles St-Quentin-en-Yvelines 45 av. des Etats-Unis, 78000 Versailles [email protected]

Application for candidacy for the Master’s Degree see  

Master 2 MIHP


Program content



MIHPS   is   a   Master   of   Science   devoted   to   the   training   of   top   scientists  






Master 1


developments:   -­‐

the  use  of  numerical  simulation  industry  and  research  

A   major   feature   of   this   master   is   to   give   future   graduates   a   multidisciplinary   skill,   an   expertise   of   high   performance   computing   and   parallel   computing   and   an   expertise   of   modelling  /  simulation  techniques.          

Master organization The  MIHPS  is  a  full-­‐time  four  semesters  Master  degree.   To  apply  to  the  MIHPS  MSc.,  you  need  to  be     1. graduate  at  the  level  L  in  the  European  LMD  system  in   computer  science,  engineering,  mathematics  or  physic   2. graduate  with  any  equivalent  degree  as  bachelor.       The   first   two   semesters   of   the   Master   provide   skills   and   knowledge   necessary   for   advanced   study   in   computer   science,   high  performance  computing  and  simulation.   Two   specializations   are   offered   in   second   year   of   the   master,   each  one  has  two  orientations:  vocational  or  research.  

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  Semester  1    (30  Credits,  294h)  

the   systematic   use   of   parallelism   (from   multicore   computers  to  supercomputers)    


Specialization:  High  Performance  Computing  


M2  High  Performance  Computing    

  Initial  preparation  courses   Computing  skills  background   • Imperative  programming     • Computer  architecture/Operating  systems     OR   Mathematics  skills  background   • Mathematics  basics   • Scientific  modelling  techniques       Core  courses   • Parallel  architectures   • Numerical  algorithms   • Object-­‐oriented  programming  for  scientific  computing   • Numerical  programming  project   • English  (for  non-­‐native)  and  French  (for  non-­‐native)             Semester  2    (30  Credits,  276h)     Core  courses   • Technical  writing  and  speaking  (English  or  French)     • Distributed  algorithms   • Parallel  programming     • Operations  research   • Scientific  visualization     • Code  optimization  for  parallel  programs   • Parallel  programming  project    

M2  High  Performance  Simulation  


Opening  in  september  2010    


The   training   objective   is   to   develop   advanced   skills   in   the   field   of   architecture   and   high   performance   parallel   computers   and   software.  (Opening  in  2011)     Semester  3    (30  Credits)   Core  courses   • Advanced  compilation   • High  performance  microprocessor  architecture  and   code  optimization   • Software  engineering  for  scientific  computing   • Performance  evaluation   • FGPA,  GPU,  architecture  and  programming   • Project   • Technical  writing  and  speaking  (English  or  French)   Elective  courses   Modelling  methods  in  Biology,  Modelling  methods  in   Finance,  Modelling  methods  in  Fluid  Mechanics,   Embedded  systems  architecture,  High  performance   algorithms  for  signal  processing.     Semester  4    (30  Credits)   Internship  

Master 2 MHPS Specialization:  High  Performance  Simulation   The  training  objective  is  to  cover  the  field  of  high  performance   simulation   through   the   study   of   large   classes   of   numerical   methods  and  theirs  applications  on  some  major  areas.  (Opening   in  2011)     Semester  3    (30  Credits)   Core  courses   • Modelling  and  simulation   • Finite  element,  finite  volume,  finite  difference  methods   • Spectral  methods   • Continuous  optimization   • Project   • Technical  writing  and  speaking  (English  or  French)   Elective  courses   Statistics  and  data  mining,  Stochastic  processes,   Modelling  methods  in  Biology,  Modelling  methods  in   Fluid  Mechanics,  Materials  simulation.     Semester  4    (30  Credits)   Internship