Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration

the active vocabulary which you can later use in discussing is- ... Advanced Sports Marketing 7.5 ECTS Innovation Management, 7.5 ECTS Green Business,...

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Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration – Sports and Event Management This educational programme provides you with the ability to identify and create new business opportunities

• The size of Esbjerg Campus is beneficial for your professional development. A limited number of students ensure a close student-professor relationship. • You broaden your horizon because you meet and cooperate with students from other cultures as well as from other studies.

Structure 60 ECTS = 1 year’s workload

Offered at Campus Esbjerg Compulsory courses: Profile The MSc in Economics and Business Administration profile in Sports and Event Management provides you with competences on a high academic level within organization and marketing. The focus lies on issues that are especially relevant for companies in the sports and event sector. The profile is offered at Campus Esbjerg. The profile concerns itself with the entertainment markets, and how they interact with the sports and event sector. Other marketing issues are strategy and competition and buyer behaviour. The organizational subjects are governance in sports and project management. In addition, you acquire methodological skills in quantitative as well as in qualitative research. Further, you can choose between electives offered especially for this programme as well as electives from other master studies offered at Campus Esbjerg. The profile runs over 2 years divided into eight quarters. The courses use a combination of project work, group work and lectures. The group of students in the courses is normally a size allowing interaction with the professor lecturing as well as discussions among the students. This enlarges the size of the active vocabulary which you can later use in discussing issues related to these fields as a part of your job.

Why choose Sports and Event Management? • The profile in Sports and Event Management focuses on managing companies in the Sports and Event Sector. This sector is growing and not many people have specific knowledge about this sector on a high academic level enabling them to tackle complex problems. This implies excellent career opportunities. • The courses in the study programme in Sports and Event Management combine theory and practice to ensure a solid theoretical basis and tools readily employable in your first job. • In Sports and Event Management you develop project management skills. These are highly demanded by enterprises because there is a lack of people possessing such skills. • The Esbjerg campus of the University of Southern Denmark is close to the city centre, which offers cultural, sporting and leisure activities, and a lively nightlife.

FIRST AUTUMN First quarter  Entertainment Markets and Business, 7.5 ECTS  Methodology of the Social Sciences and Qualitative Methods, 7.5 ECTS Second quarter  Buyer Behaviour, 7.5 ECTS  Project Management, 7.5 ECTS FIRST SPRING First quarter  Strategy and Competition, 7.5 ECTS  Quantitative Market Research Methods, 7.5 ECTS Second quarter  Seminar in Sports and Events, 7.5 ECTS  Sports Governance, 7.5 ECTS SECOND SPRING  Master’s Thesis (30 ECTS)

ELECTIVE COURSES SECOND AUTUMN – 30 ECTS 15 ECTS may be in the form of an internship Examples of elective courses:  Regional Effects of Sports and other Events, 7.5 ECTS  Advanced Sports Marketing 7.5 ECTS  Innovation Management, 7.5 ECTS  Green Business, 7.5 ECTS  Brand Management, 7.5 ECTS Changes in elective courses can occur.

Louise Harder, M.Sc. in Economics and Busi-

Language requirements

ness Administration – Sports and Event Management

A good standard of English is required because teaching at the University typically involves student participation, class discussion and student presentations. A minimum IELTS score of 6.5, a TOEFL score of 575/230/88 or a minimum CAE score of C is required.

I think the programme of Sport and Event Management contributed with a wide range of knowledge, which enables the student to aim for several industries after finishing the study. Still, there are courses that include knowledge from the sport sector. I have been very excited about the courses, which give you a view in the world of sport but also the courses like Project Management which really give you some tangible tools for your later career. Furthermore, the programme is structured in quarters, which means that the courses are more intensive and you are focused on two courses, which I found really effective.

Entry requirements A complete undergraduate degree in Economics and Business Administration. The programme must include 75 ECTS courses covering the disciplines within economics and business administration. In particular, each of the following subjects must be included with at least 5 ECTS: Microeconomics or Managerial Economics, Accounting, Corporate Finance, Marketing, Organizational Theory, Statistics, Additional methods for analysis of data (qualitative and/or quantitative. Collection of data may be a small part of this). If your degree is not from a university, you must also have 5 ECTS Theory of Science and/or Scientific Methodology and Methods from a university. Please enclose course descriptions: Aim of the course, main topics, year’s workload/ECTS and literature as a minimum.

Restriction on number of places

If you as an EU/EEA citizen can document this level of English by way of secondary school diploma, you may be exempted from the English language test (minimum 210 full hours of English language classes at high school level is required). PLEASE NOTE: The University of Southern Denmark has access to the IELTS Verification Service; therefore we accept the IELTS test results/score in copy. TOEFL is only accepted in original sent directly from the test centre or the educational testing service (ETS) before the registration deadline. This programme is accredited by ACE Denmark.

Jesper Kjær, studying M.Sc. in Economics and Business Administration – Sports and Event Management The master degree in sport & event management at this educational level offered by University of Southern Denmark seems unique, and it enables me to work with my passion in music and sport events professionally - both during my studies and for my future career. The location in Esbjerg had initially little influence on my choice of education, but has shown to have great advantages. It is a relatively small milieu, which shortens the distance to the university administration as well as the local business environment.

Please note that there is restriction on number of places.

Study starting 1 September: EU/EEA citizens 1 April Non-EU/EEA citizens 1 February Study starting 1 February: EU/EEA citizens 1 November Non-EU/EEA citizens 1 August Application Fee Please be aware that Non-EU/EEA citizens are required to pay an application fee of 100 euros when applying for admission to programmes. The application will not be processed before your payment has been received.




Full Master’s Degree (2 years) (120 ECTS) EUR 17,000. Tuition Fees: Exchange Students: For students participating in an exchange programme - tuition fees will not be charged. Not participating in an exchange programme: For students not participating in an exchange programme or in a bilateral agreement, tuition fees will be charged if you are not a EU/EEA citizen or hold a Swiss citizenship.

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