DISASTER RECOVERY CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE In addition to projects being undertaken by each MMC operating company in the Innovation Centre, MMC has establ...

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MMC’s Innovation Centre UC is an exciting new initiative by a leading global professional services firm. For further information about MMCIC, please contact: PADDY DUFFY Tel 01 604 8100 Email [email protected]


The Marsh & McLennan Innovation Centre UC (MMCIC) in Dublin, Ireland, is an innovative research and development and data analytics hub that delivers industry-leading digital solutions for clients. MMCIC is an unlimited company (UC) and is backed by the resources of Marsh & McLennan, a global professional services firm advising clients on risk, strategy and people. The company has annual revenues of $13 billion and employs over 60,000 people in 140 countries, including 600 in Ireland. MMCIC UC supports the firm’s drive for continuous innovation and industry leadership.

Marsh and McLennan Innovation Centre UC 25-28 Adelaide Road Dublin 2 Tel 01 604 8100 Copyright © 2016 Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc. All rights reserved.



OLIVER The Innovation Centre in Dublin includes WYMAN LABS a state of the art Marsh Data Analytics (OW LABS) Team that is developing new client Data Solutions and creating OW Labs uses innovative MERCER PENSION fundamental Data Quality approaches to technology to drive capabilities. RISK EXCHANGE (MPRE) sustained business impact for clients. This can be achieved by helping them MPRE is a groundbreaking unleash the power of the information they platform developed in response to the already have or could capture, thus becoming popularity of buy-ins/buyouts as a risk knowledge-powered businesses. Our Software mitigation strategy. MPRE is an online marketplace and Data Engineers build world-class software in which pension plan sponsors and insurers execute solutions and contribute to the architecture across the annuity transactions. full technology stack, from database to analytics to web and mobile interfaces.

A H U B F O R I N N O VAT I O N A N D E XC E L L E N C E Marsh & McLennan’s operating companies, Mercer, Marsh, Guy Carpenter and Oliver Wyman, are all leaders in their respective fields:

talent, health, retirement and investments insurance broking and risk management risk and reinsurance intermediary services management consulting

Each of these is spearheading an innovative project in the MMCIC UC.

DISASTER RECOVERY CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE In addition to projects being undertaken by each MMC operating company in the Innovation GUY CARPENTER CATASTROPHE Centre, MMC has established a Centre of (CAT) RISK STUDIO Excellence for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity. The centre The CAT Risk Studio supports Guy Carpenter’s Model Suitability develops systems that enable Analysis (MSA)® initiative and fosters automation in CAT risk model companies to recover evaluation. Guy Carpenter’s MSA initiative provides rigorous, infrastructure and to systematic assessment of the many catastrophe models available enable and accelerate worldwide and helps clients formulate a confident view business recovery of catastrophe risk. after significant disasters.