OF TROUT AQUACULTURE IN DIFFERENT PRODUCTION SYSTEMS Biniam Samuel-Fitwi, Sven Wuertz, Jan Schroeder, Carsten Schulz June 22, 2011 Büsum, Germany ... ...

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followed by an outline of the selection criteria applied to emissions data and LCA case studies included in the review (Section 3). In Section 4, emission data for electricity generation are evaluated according to the energy source and contributions

When compared on an annual basis, the artificial tree, which has a life span of six years, has three times more impacts on climate change and resource depletion than

from retailer to end consumer is an important contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. Large shopping mall centers outside urbanized areas promote transport by car and according to Blanke (2008) the end consumer represents 20% of total energy consump

“Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Life Cycle Cost (LCC) analysis of the Rockdrain system”. This report covers the later LCA and LCC analysis. In this part, which is performed by IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, the energy, resource, and e

efficient-Europe.pdf. ... Production –converting raw materials and assembling the products Distribution –getting the product to the end user Use –where the end user derives the direct value from the product or service End of life –what happens when t

organic orange juice from small-scale Brazilian farms imported to Denmark. transport transport transport transport Input production Production of oranges Juice concentrate factory, Brazil Juice factory, Germany Import to Denmark Functional unit Goal

iii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I would like to express my gratitude to my supervisors, Prof. Giovanni Lonati and Dott.ssa Lucia Rigamonti for their assistance, guidance, and …

Life cycle assessment of bioenergy Wouter Achten & Joana Almeida KU Leuven, Belgium EPROBIO Intensive program Foggia, July 2012. Content ... M.III: biogas from POME PKM + local animal feed FRef II: natural gas Achten et al., ES&T, 2010. Fossil energy

Life Cycle Assessment of Road A Pilot Study for Inventory Analysis Second Revised Edition Håkan Stripple B 1210 E March 2001 Gothenburg, Sweden

Life cycle assessment of pesticides . The importance of reliable pesticide production and manufacturing unit process data for correct environmental profiling of pesticide life cycles. Assistant professor Morten Birkved . Section of Quantitative Susta