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is the business landscape. Between plenty of green you will find highly specialized market leaders from a very wide range of industries, who cleverly ...

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Vision inclusive

A vibrant part of Baden-Wuerttemberg

WELCOME TO THE REGION NORTHERN BLACK FOREST Silva Nigra – black forest – that is how the Romans had already reverently called the territory in the valley between the rivers Rhine and Neckar. Although the name is still the same and the forest remains the characteristic element, the region offers an attractive scenic mixture with a high quality of life today. The Northern Black Forest has its own unique character. The economic sectors of the region have always been highly specialized and innovative – this made this area between Rhine and Neckar to what it is today: a prospering region in the heart of BadenWuerttemberg. 3

The region where you will love to put down roots


approx. 250,000 hectares


56 percent


ABOUT 580,000


more than 200,000


more than 30,000

Enzkreis Pforzheim

Landkreis Calw


Landkreis Freudenstadt

Home of tinkerers, thinkers and visionaries

THE NORTHERN BLACK FOREST In the Northern Black Forest, many companies are hidden champions. The region has long since become part of the most dynamic regions of the South West, with a variety of globally acting companies and renowned educational institutions. Learn, live, work – the Northern Black Forest offers a lot of space for the perfect synthesis. Baden-Wuerttemberg consists of 12 regions. There is hardly a similar region, where economic strength and life quality go hand in hand as well as in the Northern Black Forest.



We have inherited the knack for success from our ancestors

INNOVATIVE Inventiveness and creativity have their homes within the region. Persistence, knowledge and skills are the fertile ground for the success of the companies, which are always willing to forge new paths.

COSMOPOLITAN Clocks, jewelries and mighty fir trees used to be the basis for international contacts. Today, the companies from the Northern Black Forest are at home around the globe – and the world is our guest in the region.

What drives the region

AUTHENTIC Tradition is the common root. As natural as the landscape is the character of those who live here. What connects people is the YES to the region and to tackle things together.

CREATIVE Creativity is the program: in the region, ideas and impulses are created, which often have global radiance. Creativity from the Northern Black Forest means the constant willingness to dare to try something new and the courage to leave the beaten track.

INNOVATION AND TRADITION – WITH HEART The natural conditions of the region have shaped the life of the people in the Northern Black Forest. They are aware that nothing in life comes by itself – they roll their sleeves up and know that team work and team spirit are essential. The people from the Black Forest know how to make the best from what nature and life offers. In the region you will meet uncomplicated and open-minded people, who put their heart and soul into what they do. The region stands for inventiveness, innovative spirit, the willingness to try new things – and thus for a unique corporate culture. 7


Northern Black Forest: heartland of the hidden champions


From down-to-earth to high-tech

The working world in the Northern Black Forest offers one thing above all: unique variety. The job fair reflects the career opportunities within the region. Accurate, up-todate and informative – the portal is the ultimate tool for your career planning in the region Northern Black Forest.

SPEZIALIZED VARIETY The region Northern Black Forest – this is unique variety! As colorful as the country and the people is the business landscape. Between plenty of green you will find highly specialized market leaders from a very wide range of industries, who cleverly and creatively tackle the entrepreneurial challenges. Solid workmanship and high-tech forges – the Northern Black Forest provides a home and enormous development opportunities for everyone. In particular, since there is continuous investment into employees, research and innovation – hence into the future.



Opposites and intersections bring the region to life

Regional core competencies





The traditional jewelry and clock industries laid the foundations for one of the regional key industries. Today, the Northern Black Forest is a synonym for highest precision and innovative metal working.

Machinery and equipment from the region may be found in the remotest corners of the world. Technology "Made in the Northern Black Forest" is a guarantor for successful production locations worldwide.

The basis for success of the timber and furniture industry is the century-old experience with the raw material number one of the region. Once, the impressive fir tree trunks were a genuine export hit – today, it is the wood know-how of the Northern Black Forest.

The region stands for concentrated plastics competence. Between the lush green of the Northern Black Forest you will find leading international companies of the sector, who cover the entire valueadded chain in the plastics industry.



What is better than a genius? A network of them

INNONET Kunststoff – plastics

Hochform – precision technology

RegioHOLZ – timber and furniture Northern Black Forest

Create! PF – creative center

IT+Medien PF – IT and media

Netzwerk Gesundheitswirtschaft – network health economy

Interaction of corporate power STRONG NETWORK FOR COMPANIES Tackling things together is a tradition within the region. The regional network landscape therefore offers opportunities for cooperation for all companies – from the small-scale company to globally operating companies. Joint action creates synergies. The networks of the region do not only encompass companies, but also universities, research facilities and institutes. Networks visualize regional competencies far beyond the borders of the country and provide a perfect positioning of the industries in the pan-European competition.



We also produce brilliant minds

Hochschule Pforzheim

SRH Calw

LDT Nagold

IHL Bad Liebenzell

University of Pforzheim Design Technology Economy

Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Medien University for economy and media

Akademie für Modemanagement Academy for fashion management

Theology Social work Pedagogy

DHBW Stuttgart Campus Horb a. N. Technology

Education at the highest level BRILLIANT MINDS FOR POWERFUL COMPANIES The academic landscape within the region is high-class. About 7,000 students have enrolled in more than 70 courses of studies. A fast growing trend, since studying in the region is worth it! The faculty for design at the university of Pforzheim is among the best educational establishments for design – worldwide. Something only we offer: if you start at the LDT, the academy for fashion management in Nagold, you virtually have a job with career guarantee within the textile industry. These bright career prospects are also true for the engineers of the Duale Hochschule Baden-Wuerttemberg Stuttgart Campus Horb (dual studies at a university of cooperative education) and the graduates of the IHL Bad Liebenzell and SRH Calw. The region is forging further ahead in education: together with the campus of the faculty for mechanical engineering at the university of Stuttgart, Freudenstadt will become the new university location in the region Northern Black Forest.



Culture with atmosphere

A SELECTION OF THE HIGHLIGHTS Schwarzwald Musikfestival

– Black Forest music festival

Calw rockt! – music festival

Alpirsbacher Kreuzgangkonzerte – classics in Alpirsbach

Kulturhaus Osterfeld

– cultural center Osterfeld

Gasometer Pforzheim

Kloster Maulbronn – monastery

Special places create special experiences MULTI-FACETED FOR EVERYONE Admittedly, the Northern Black Forest is not yet the cultural center of the South West – but we are working on it. Already today, cultural workers, associations, authorities and institutions have built up a program to be proud of. Market places, even whole towns become a stage and create unique cultural experiences. Already the knights games in Horb a. N. attract tens of thousands to the region each year. Known classic events let visitors from Germany and abroad swarm into historical walls and offer music enthusiasts the ultimate listening pleasure. Also at the UNESCO world heritage site of the monastery Maulbronn events take place regularly. A new cultural highlight is the gasometer in Pforzheim. Besides the impressing 360° panorama exhibition, the listed industrial building is a unique event location. 17


Aim high: no problem in the Northern Black Forest

Fun factor guaranteed OPTIMAL INFRASTRUCTURE FOR LEISURE TIME The Black Forest is booming as a tourist destination, and not without reason. The lush green between the rivers Neckar and Rhine hardly leaves any wishes unanswered for leisure activities. Not only sightseers from all over the world may choose from a variety of sports activities, rewarding excursion destinations and plentiful culinary highlights. Also the people living in the region benefit from the well-developed overall regional infrastructure.

SPACE FOR RECREATION This is remarkable: almost 2,000 kilometers cycle tracks and more than 5,000 kilometers of signposted and best prepared hiking tracks pass the region and guarantee an unlimited recreational pleasure. The region also offers plenty of space for trend sports of any kind. You are invited to try them out!

ONLY TO MENTION SOME OF THE HIGHLIGHTS Tourismus GmbH Nördlicher Schwarzwald

Baumwipfelpfad Schwarzwald

Touristic center Northern Black Forest

Treetop path Black Forest

Tourismus im Landkreis Freudenstadt

Nationalpark Schwarzwald

Touristic center Freudenstadt

National park Black Forest

Hiking and cycling in the Black Forest



Naturally successful

Naturally, Northern Black Forest RESPONSIBLE RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Sustainability is a philosophy in the Black Forest – this is our tradition! In former times, sustainable management in the Northern Black Forest was the key to survive. A virtue has been made out of necessity: For many companies in the region, resource and energy efficiency are at the forefront of entrepreneurial decisions today. Sustainable mobility and energy solutions, the creation of regional value-added chains and the bio-economy are the future topics of the region Northern Black Forest. Here, all players in the region have a common goal. REGIONAL RESPONSIBILITY Many renown companies in the region – from the handicraft business to the global player – actively support the strategy of sustainability of the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg (WIN), whose purpose is to bundle the experiences and know-how of companies engaged in sustainability and to support sustainable management. Sustainable thinking and acting brings people together and the region is well prepared for the future.



Living like God near France.

PURE DELIGHT In the ranking of the restaurant guides, the region is situated at the very top: currently, the restaurants were honored with the awards 10 stars, 26 chef’s hats, 24 gourmets, 76 diamonds, 67 pans, 71 cooking spoons and 8 Bib Gourmands. With 8 stars Baiersbronn is the absolute "Gourmet Capital" of the region. This also invites our neighbours from France to drop by for dinner.

Competence makes an impact THE REGION HAS A LOT TO OFFER The Northern Black Forest is a cultural landscape rich in tradition with a variety of municipalities with their own history and their own character. With 120,000 inhabitants, Pforzheim is the largest city and the major regional center. With the renowned university and numerous fields of competence, it is an attractive business location. The district of Freudenstadt loves innovation: It is nationally in first place with patent applications. Furthermore, it is one of the largest touristic districts of the state with 2 mio. overnight stays every year. Hospitality is a tradition in the Northern Black Forest: it is not without reason that the region between the rivers Enz and Kinzig range among the most popular holiday destinations in Germany. Also in the districts Enzkreis and Calw a large number of renowned and internationally operating mediumsized companies have their headquarters. From there, they operate around the world.



Die Region hat viele Stärken – die meisten arbeiten im Mittelstand.

Specialists for specialists A REGION TO FEEL GOOD IN FOR COMPANIES When talking about further development at the business location Northern Black Forest and networking with other sectors and the direct contact to municipalities and chambers, these experts also need help from experts. Exactly for this purpose, the Wirtschaftsförderung Nordschwarzwald GmbH (company for business development in the Northern Black Forest) was founded more than 20 years ago. It advises local companies in a competent manner, supports the continuing economic development of the location, represents the interests of the companies and is the contact partner for investors. But the Northern Black Forest is not only attractive for companies, but also for specialists, their families and students. In the race for the most talented people, the Northern Black Forest counts on the charm and the attractiveness of a vital region and on professional local marketing. You will find more information and your personal contact person at

Jobbörse Nordschwarzwald Job center Northern Black Forest

Die Fachkräfte-Allianz Pforzheim Nordschwarzwald – The specialists alliance


Gewerbeimmobilienportal Region Nordschwarzwald – Commercial real estate portal

Servicestelle Fördermittel

Service center development funds

Wissensregion Nordschwarzwald

Knowledge region Northern Black Forest


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Northern Black Forest – in the middle of the country, in the middle of Europe