Infosession for Incoming Students

• the exact name of the course + the course code + the number of credit points + confirm that the other Faculty agreed that you can select their cours...

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Infosession for Incoming Students 28th February 2019 11 am Room F0.01 1 - Your unibz email account Most communications within the University are sent by email. So please CHECK IT OFTEN, since all important information will come through it! i.e. Last-minute to lecture changes, exam enrolment, etc.

2 - Study Programmes In Bolzano, the Faculty of Economics and Management offers: • • •

2 Bachelor Programmes, 3 Master Programmes A Ph.D. Programme.

Incoming students can choose between all offered Bachelor and Master courses (Master courses are subject to lecturer’s admission).

3 – Course enrolment In the Cockpit you can choose your courses and add them into your study plan.

Deadline: March 31st, 2019.

If you need help, please refer to Loris Vigna or Valerie Aloa of the Faculty Secretariat. • • • • • • • • • • • select “unibz” and insert your username and password choose “my area” and the “Students zone” click on “Course Selection” click on “Edit your study plan” click on the green button “Edit study plan” select the courses you want to add if you want to delete one of the already selected courses simply delete the flag click on “confirm” Important: If you want to choose other courses offered by other Bachelor programs of the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, you have to insert them in the text field “Additional Courses” and indicate the following: the exact name of the course + the course code + the number of credit points + confirm that the other Faculty agreed that you can select their course

4 – Your Career Check if all the chosen courses are listed in your study career!

5 – Learning Agreement If you need to submit your Learning Agreement (LA), please bring it to Loris Vigna or Valerie Aloa at the Faculty Secretariat of the Faculty of Economics and Management, 4th floor, E-building. It is also allowed that we simply forward the signed LA by email or hand it in to you directly. Please make sure that your online study career corresponds to the printed LA!

Deadline for submitting LA: 31 March 2019.

Should you want to add or delete courses after this date, please refer to the Secretariat of the Faculty of Economics and Management, where your study plan will be updated.

6 – Lecture timetable and office hours Classes are usually scheduled as follows: Monday to Saturday - Morning: 8 am-10 am, 10 am-12 pm, exceptionally 10 am-1 pm Afternoon: 2 pm-4 pm, 4 pm-6 pm, exceptionally 1 pm-4 pm and 6 pm-8 pm. The lecture schedules are often irregular and can change during the semester. Therefore please check the timetable regularly! You can refer to your individual timetable on your Cockpit – it could be necessary that you have to add some of the courses you have enrolled for – you can do this by clicking on “add courses”.


7 – Teaching Material and Announcements In the Reserve Collection you can find: • • • • • •

all course descriptions teaching material slides particular notes published by the lecturer announcements grading

8 - Exams At the end of each course, an exam is scheduled in one of the exam sessions. All exams are in written form and are held in the course's official language. Only the language courses include an oral examination. In order to write an exam YOU HAVE to ENROL for it! You will receive an email with further information about 2 weeks before the start of the exam session. Exam enrolment (or cancellation of enrolment) must be done at least 5 days before the exam date. The enrolment for the exam is possible only after the evaluation of the course. If the evaluation of the course has not been already inserted, then the line will be highlighted in red and a link will lead to the evaluation page. The enrolment or un-enrolment procedure can be considered concluded only if you have received the confirmation mail. Please keep the confirmation mail since this should be produced in case of problems.


Please make sure to bring your student card when you sit an exam (for identification reasons).

9 - Grades In Italian universities, exams are graded on a 30-point scale ("trentesimi"): • 30/30 is the highest grade, to which "cum laude" (with honours) can be added when the student’s performance is considered exceptional; • 18/30 is the lowest passing grade. The grades of each student are automatically displayed in his online study career (in the Cockpit) as soon as the grades are registered by the professor.

10 - Language Courses at the Language Centre The Faculty of Economics and Management offers some intermediate and advanced level technical language courses in English, German and Italian with focus on specific terminology. The Language Centre offers general language courses in Italian, German and English and other languages: You will not receive any ECTS credits for these courses. The Language Centre also offers language advising sessions and placement tests. Faculty of Economics and Management – Secretariat Loris Vigna & Valerie Aloa Universitätsplatz/Piazza Università 1, Building E – 4th floor 39100 Bozen/Bolzano tel.: +39 0471 013 000 [email protected]

Opening hours: Monday: 2-4 pm Tuesday: 10-12 am Thursday: 10-12 am + 2–4 pm Friday: 10-12 am