Industrial hydraulic & lubrication solutions

Industrial hydraulic & lubrication solutions ... Power, Motion, ... movement as well as high pressure hydraulics. Industry: Mining and cement...

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Industrial hydraulic & lubrication solutions

PMC Technology A/S

Power, Motion, Control

Looking for the optimal solution It’s all about competitiveness. About finding the right and longlasting solution – at the right price, at the right time – every time! This requires collaboration with the optimal partner – a partner who can add value through technology, know-how, and com­petences. From design and development to construction and production. PMC Technology A/S is a global expert in hydraulic and lubrication solutions and can provide all kinds of customised solutions as well as standardised components. From simple to extensive solutions, from niche markets to heavy duty industries. We have specialist competences as well as a wide product range. PMC Technology A/S develops, designs, and constructs complete hydraulic systems in close collaboration with our customers. PMC takes responsibility all the way through to an efficient solution, including assembly, service, and maintenance. PMC Technology A/S works with some of the world’s best and most innovative manu­ facturers of hydraulic components, which ensures an optimal – and long lasting – solution, whether the priority is quality, price, or both. For PMC’s customers this means lower costs as well as higher productivity.

For PMC’s customers this means

lower costs as well



higher productivity

Providing the optimal hydraulic solution Technical knowhow, design, components, assembly, and testing – all under one roof. This concept is what makes PMC Technology A/S an industrial business partner who can provide hydraulic system solutions with full documentation in accordance with international standards, for example API 614, API 618, and API 673.


Power, Motion, Control

Delivering optimal technology and quality PMC Technology A/S is a specialist in development, design, and production of customised hydraulic systems as well as block solutions; sophisticated and unique systems that demand high precision movement as well as high pressure hydraulics.

Lubrication units for mining manufactured in stainless steel ASI 316 with integrated block solution with reduced risk of leakage.

Customised hydraulic systems Hydraulic system for vertical mills Industry: Mining and cement Type: Hydraulic unit with conditioning circuits and standby pumps Data: One pressure compensated variable piston pump capable of 100 l/min at 220 bar. Tank: 2400 L stainless steel


Cylinders size 45 Industry: Mining and cement Type: 400/200-450 Data: 3 Hydraulic cylinder assemblies with three 20 L high pressure high flow bladder accumulators. Delivered together with complete piping

Hydraulic system for feeding pushers and grates

Industry: Waste fire power plant Type: Hydraulic unit with conditioning circuit Data: Duplex axial piston pumps 140 + 80 ccm, pressure compensated Tank: 800 L

Lubrication system for roller mill Industry: Mining and cement Type: Lubrication unit with reconditioning circuit for bearing lubrication. Data: High cleanliness and life time. ISO VG 1000. Pump capacity 25 l/min at 15 bar. Tank: 200 -1000 L


Already on receipt of orders, collaboration with product specialists begins, which means that PMC will lose no time finding the optimal solution that is a precise match to the requirements of the individual customer.

Power, Motion, Control

Seeking optimal solutions through know-how and partnership PMC’s engineers have a high professional level and are closely following the latest development in the hydraulic field in order to be able to offer our customers the most suitable solutions and components in the market. Over the years, PMC has built up extensive technical know-how which our customers benefit from – both when choosing the right components and when designing and constructing the right system solution. Due to the global and unlimited collaboration between the group companies, our specialist knowledge, and our comprehensiveness, we will always find the optimal technical and commercial solution. PMC designs both standard and customised solutions – of course with full documentation in accordance with international standards. PMC Technology A/S has its own hydraulic development activities in order to ensure expert competences in the application fields we are working in. Due to PMC’s own testing facilities we can guarantee that systems and components meet current standards. The technical development is carried out by one of the group’s 300 engineers or designers.

Stainless steel lubrication unit for oil refinery – according to API 673. This standard covers the minimum requirements for centrifugal fans intended for continuous duty in petroleum, chemical, and gas industry services.

6000 L lubrication unit for gyratory cone crusher unit.

Hydraulic system for clinker cooler.

Lubrication unit for aeration fan.

We will always find the optimal technical and commercial solution 7


PMC Technology A/S designs, develops, and produces turnkey systems with full documentation in accordance with international standards for most of the world, for example Europe, USA, and Asia.

Photo: Atlas Copco


Ensuring optimal logistics It’s all about productivity. About optimising production and minimising downtime. About certainty of reliable service as well as fast and correct delivery of spare parts. This requires an extensive storage capacity and an efficient logistics system. PMC Technology A/S has all that. You can find us where our customers have their production and markets – whether it is Europe, Asia, the Americas or other continents. Within storage and logistics, PMC is striving to be the optimal partner for our customers. Due to our extensive storage capacity we can handle our customers’ total requirements within all kinds of parts – both first time spare parts and strategic spare parts. For PMC’s customers this means not only certainty of optimal productivity – but also savings on time and costs in connection with handling and management. Our efficient storage facilities are at our customers’ disposal practically around the clock – we pack, label, and dispatch the goods exactly as requested, and can also undertake carriage by sea. We apply the delivery principles that our customers request, for instance ‘as quickly as possible’ or ‘just in time’. 10

For PMC’s customers this means not only certainty of optimal productivity – but also savings on time and costs in connection with handling and management.

We stock the needed components, often upon request, where our customer has its market or production. We have production and storage facilities in Europe, USA, and Asia. We are constantly developing new, local logistics chains in order to ensure the most cost-effective solutions for our customers. Through our supply chain organisation we solve the problems that may occur in production. We build complete systems, and it is often natural to enter into a service and maintenance agreement which will ensure productivity by minimising downtime.


PMC Technology A/S lives up to current regulatory requirements, and we maintain and improve the quality management system in accordance with DS/EN ISO 9001:2008. Furthermore, PMC Group has a strong environmental profile, and most of our companies have been environmentally certified according to ISO 14001.


Power, Motion, Control

Delivering optimal quality assurance with the Six Sigma philosophy Our customers expect efficient and zero-defect deliveries on time. Quality control and quality assurance are thus PMC Technology’s top priority which is why we have worked with Six Sigma since 2008. Six Sigma is an internationally recognised quality and management philosophy focusing on identifying and removing the causes of defects (errors) and minimising variations in manufacturing and business processes. Based on our customers’ requirements as well as actual data, all causes of defects are analysed and eliminated. This creates high quality as well as improved efficiency to the benefit of both customers and PMC. Apart from working with data input, we often use a fixed model – the DMAIC model – which can both streamline processes and solve complex production issues.

DMAIC stands for: Define

• Define • Measure • Analyse • Improve




• Control




Power, Motion, Control

Striving to be the optimal partner Technical know-how, design, components, assembly, and testing – all under one roof. This is why we are able to provide total system solutions to practically all industries. For many customers, PMC Technology A/S is therefore more than just a provider – we are a business partner. PMC’s goal is to meet our customers’ requirements and requests by means of innovative and cost-effective solutions, short production times, more efficient logistics, and overall solutions. Many of PMC’s customers are to be found within energy, heavy duty industries, mining, offshore and marine, as well as mobile systems.

PMC is a business partner Apart from Denmark, we have – through PMC Group – access to competences and production units in the Nordic countries, USA, China, India, and Poland, as well as a large service centre in Qatar. For further information please visit

Shown from left: PMC Technology in Denmark, PMC Winstar in India, PMC Qingdao in China, and PMC Hydraulics in the US.



Core Values

PMC employs the following strategies: • To be the leading supplier of hydraulic and lubrication solutions in the Nordic countries • To follow its customers’ global expansion • To establish a global position in selected application areas

• Providing Matching Competences for customer-driven solutions in the Power, Motion and Control market

• Partnership • Motivation • Creativity • Responsibility

www .pmcte chn

PMC Technology A/S employs approximately: • 60 service technicians • 30 engineers and designers

PMC Technology A/S has large production facilities directly at its disposal: 13,000 m² in Denmark 10,000 m² in Qingdao, China 3,900 m² in Golden, Colorado, USA 5,000 m² in Bangalore, India

PMC Group


The Nordic leader in hydraulics PMC is the leading provider of hydraulic solutions for industry in the Nordic countries. The Group’s knowhow

Power Motion also comprises electromechanics, lubrication and

pneumatics. This gives PMC unique competences to offer customers complete solutions. Global thinking

Many of the Group’s customers operate on a global

market and are present outside the Nordic countries. The Group operates on a borderless basis, closely

following in its customers’ footsteps around the world. PMC is their global partner.


Specialist niche competence

By partnering with global leaders, PMC has built unique

Control competences in a number of application areas.


The Group is endeavouring to establish global leadership in these niches.


PMC Group is active in 12 countries and is a global player. Turnover in 2011 was MEUR 340 and the number of employees was more than 1400.

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