How to survive going digital

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How to survive (and thrive)

going digital Start here

Look at today’s business world New technologies

Changing workforce

Digital supply chain

Security & governance

Converging factors

Regulatory pressure

Digital customers

Digital disruption is toppling established market leaders

Forrester® says by 2020, every company that exists today will have become a digital predator or digital prey



Go digital to survive

Digital leaders outperform their peers in every industry

of the world’s GDP will be digital by 2020

of companies will be dead within 10 years

Digital leaders are


more profitable than their competitors Use the most complete digital platform

Choose your digital path

Begin your digital journey

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Wing it

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Use products from different vendors

Uh-oh… we have silos

Your competition gets an extra turn

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Processes are inefficient

Innovation suffers with no flexibility

Miss a turn while you try to find a status report

Cloud schmoud!

Uh… information flow?

Digitize processes on top of your new platform

Collect a high five!

No one is using the system

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Bonus points

It’s about the back end, not the UI

Do you have enough insight? Take advantage of embedded analytics


What else is there to know?


Skip ahead

You missed a key bit of information

What are my users doing?

Choose the right UI

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You’ve helped

create a better way to work


Ack! Nothing works on mobile devices

Turn around

To cloud or not to cloud… Find a cloud partner

With flexible, secure solutions, you decide which data to move

Should you care how information flows through the enterprise?


No, I can do it all from my desk

Leapfrog your competitor

Is mobility important?

Yes! Work anywhere, anytime, and on any device


innovation Better

productivity Better


Release 16


insight To be digital outside, you have to be digital inside

You win!








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