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Specifications Eva is a complete automation unit with 16 digital inputs and 10 16A 230V relay outputs, 230V direct power supply and a programming and ...

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home and building automa tion

Una, a unique automation system: a single board handles all the system functionalities.

Eva solidness.

Eva is practical efficiency. Eva is the first complete home automation system concentrated in a single board. Eva does not require any additional component, and beholds all the base automation and function controls of Una system. Eva manages a large number of household devices, providing a wide range of features and practical and efficient services. Eva is able to monitor and manage energy consumptions at home point by point, and to identify wastes and reduce costs*. Eva is the solid structure of Una automation system. * All the consumption control functions are only activated with the installation of VESTA slave unit and not with stand-alone installations.

Specifications Eva is a complete automation unit with 16 digital inputs and 10 16A 230V relay outputs, 230V direct power supply and a programming and serial communication RS-485 port. The unit is designed to be mounted on a DIN rail, on a 12 modules switchboard enclosures, and thanks to the optional side-rings, it can be fixed with screws on flush-mounting boxes or light walls. All connections are made with numbered removable terminal blocks to facilitate wirings and replacements. Eva is equipped with an inner power supply device who permits the inner clock operations and the setting maintenance in the event of a blackout. It is supplied with pre-programmed step-by-step settings on each output to check their functionality, has got signalling led lights to report and easily identify power supply, operation and relays activation, and can be configured and personalized thanks to a simple programming interface of the planning software Lapis.




Eva enables you to manage the lighting devices in your house with many functions: simple on/off, timings, scheduled power on/off, combining them with the alarm installation and multiple shutdown operations.

The automation of curtains and shutters is managed with single or multiple automized openings and closures, with rain and wind sensors and customized according to your needs.

The climate in your house is managed by the unit, who activates the boiler and the circuits of the different areas according to their indications, maintaining the regulation intuitive for everybody.

Handicap facilities

Video management

Waste water

Eva permits to personalize its functions, with acoustic or flash signalling and normal functions, removing all obstacles to the freedom of feeling at home.

Eva gives you the chance to handle the analog video signal, displaying the images of several cameras on a single monitor, also interacting with the doorbell pushbutton.

Advanced functions such as waste water discharge or activating water pumps can be programmed for automatic activation, to feel free from any concern.

Loads measurements* Eva is the heart of the first automation system who permits you to measure the loads on each relay output, monitoring consumptions and activating any priority posting of loads in the event of exceeding the maximum power supply level.

Always in time Eva has an inner clock who permits to set time functions, and calculates sunrise and sunset time per each day activating each function at the right time.

* All the consumption control functions are only activated with the installation of VESTA unit and not with stand-alone installations.


Irrigation management

Sun, rain, wind, climate... everything is under your control because each device can be connected to Eva, and interact with the other home utomation tools in your house, to make you feel safe when you are out of your home.

The irrigation of the garden can be scheduled for time slots, or divided into areas who operate in sequence, with the freedom to activate and deactivate each function at any time.

Energy saving Eva allows you to settle energy saving features, such as the “alone at home” function to shutdown the lights of unused rooms.

Lapis has a highly accessible and intuitive interface and it’s compatible with 99% of PCs and laptops available on the market. Lapis is able to converse and program Eva units (through Clavis), and Vesta units (trough an ethernet cable). Lapis has a installation simulator to test and control at every time the propriety of the installation. Lapis downloads automatically through the Internet new system components, features and expansions. Lapis allows you to save and recollect your own projects directly on the web portal, so that they can always be easily accessible. Lapis allows you to manage on-line product catalogues with automatic updating of new available product lines.

Lapis union.

Lapis is installation design, naturally. A home automation installation is a highly advanced system, but its design has not necessarily to be a complicated operation. Lapis is one of the key elements of Una system. It is a design software that allows you to design and configure the system in the most intuitive and simplest way as possible. With a sole design, Lapis allows simultaneous program works the installation components (Eva and Vesta) and enables all local and web control services. Advanced auto-setup features allow the technician to be concerned only with the definition of the installation, giving to Lapis the task to carry out the hardest technical checks and program works. Lapis is a multiplatform and multilingual tool and it is easy to use it with Windows, MacOS and Linux systems.

Vesta dialogue.

Vesta is dialogue and practicality. Vesta allows you to dialogue with the system in the simplest and most intuitive way as possible. Through a simple and intuitive user interface, Vesta permits to control your house directly with your mobile phone, laptop or pc. Vesta can interface with the installation through Internet, to dialogue with the household space from all over the world, without any need for additional elements. Vesta is harmony and comfort. Vesta uses the Eva’s capabilities present in the domotic installation and extends its functionalities providing them a harmonic behavior. Co-ordinated switching-on and switching-off commands, reactions to particular events, evolute automatisms: the large computation and memory abilities allow Vesta to operate in complex environments in a natural and comfortable way.

Specifications Vesta is a high performance Linux microcomputer based on a Freescale imx-27 low consumption CPU with high mass storage and computing power. It is associated to Eva through a RS485 serial connection and to the home network through a ethernet cable. Exploits any router or wireless access points present in the installation and controls Eva through a web interface who can be used from any browser, totally compatible with laptops, mobile phones, desktops, smart phones, Iphones and more. It stores the action log and house energy usage history on a solid state hard drive and allows to file and save data and plant design, operation scenarios and use configurations. It can exploit the Internet home connection enabling to access to the installation through Sidera, the Una web service.

User interface

Maximum compatibility

When it is connected to the network home installation, Vesta controls the system through a advanced, simple and intuitive user interface.

Vesta doesn’t use any proprietor or closed protocol, it is accessible and controllable from any pc, mobile phone, laptop, cell phone, smart phone, etc...

Easy to connect trough internet If it is connected to the household network, Vesta can enable the control of the installation also when you are outside, with all PCs, palmcells or smartphones.

Reaction to events

Project history

Vesta is able to give you its welcome at home, for example, turning on the lights and switching on the heating device or playing your favourite rock track through welcome scenarios.

Vesta preserves the original project of the installation, with the chance to recollect design information at any time using Lapis, the Una software.

Autonomous dialogue When it is connected to the network, Vesta can inform about the status of your house or warn about abnormal or special events, and reach you by e-mail to keep you updated on the events, even to tell you just that you forgot to switch off the light (or switch it off for you)

Safety in every moment. Vesta is above all safety at home. It is able to promptly react and activate danger or emergency scenarios.

Analysis of consumption The data collected by Vesta permit to analyze consumptions, save energy and reduce costs.

Memory system Vesta record loads, consumptions and operations conducted on the installation on permanent high capacity memory storages.

Scenarios and advanced moods settings The installation reacts through Vesta to pre-determined events, achieving with harmony complex scenarios.

Sidera mobility.

Sidera makes you able to reach the installation from all over the world, at any time the with the maximum safety. Sidera is Una’s window on the web. Sidera allows the connection to your installation also when you are away from home. It exploits Vesta and connects to the home Internet network connection without any need for additional equipments. Thanks to a data code system in compliance with the highest security information transmission standards, all connections to the home automation systems are completely safe and confidential. Through Sidera you can monitor one or several installations, receive information about the household installation, have a look on the usage history and act on each device. Sidera is a web service developed accordingly with the recent network standards and it is compatible with Windows, MacOs and Linux and easy to use it with all web browsers, pc, notebooks or palmcells, from any point of the global network. Sidera means safety to be always in touch with your home, everywhere you are.

With Sidera it’s easy to manage several domotic installations and many rooms in a easy and intuitive way.


It is easy to reach the system though the web, with simple PCs, palmcells or smartphones and with a Internet connection. The rest is up to Sidera.

Control and direct action on each home device.

Direct control on the installation and consumption use.

Clavis discretion.

Clavis is discretion and simplicity. Clavis is a input key to program the Eva units. Thanks to the self-installing USB interface, allows to put in immediate communication a computer with Windows, Linux or Mac systems with Eva units and access to the program work without the need to set parameters or protocols.

Difra kindness.

Difra is welcome and courtesy. Difra is the management system for hotel access, all the service field and domestic installations. Difra works with RFID proximity transponder technology, with the chance to use it in standalone or pre-programmed versions, fully manageable through bus.

Ingrid capacity. Ingrid is expansion capacity. Ingrid is the extension unit for complex systems, thanks to 16 digital inputs and to the simple communication with the RS-485 bus. Ingrid is the ideal application especially for the service field, it can replicate all the Eva commands at a large distance, reducing costs and wiring difficulties.

Una, easy automation.

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