Hardener MIL for 2K systems

affect processing or application/use, it is necessary for the user to carry out appropriate tests to determine whether the product(s) is technically a...

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Technical Information 11.A.041 | Solvent-based Liquid Systems | Auxiliaries, Additives

Gecko® Hardener MIL for 2 K systems Solvent based additives for flexible packaging 70GH464418

Description An Ethylacetate-based hardener for two-component systems of the hubergroup products. This additive has been specifically developed with a low concentration of free monomeric isocyanate (below 0,1%), which allows for a lower hazard classification. Thanks to that, this product is more user- and environment-friendly, and provides safer working conditions for the Printer. The technical properties, performances and use methods are equivalent to our Standard Hardener for 2K systems (70GH132871).

Printing process Gravure and flexographic printing.

Applications Surface and reverse printing. In combination with Gecko inks and varnishes for food and beverage flexible packaging, in complete substitution of Standard Hardener for 2K systems (70GH132871). Dosing

This hardener systems must be used exclusively in combination with the twocomponent hubergroup products associated with the Standard Hardener for 2K systems (70GH132871), and exclusively in the same ratios indicated for 70GH132871 in the specific technical information of each product.

Properties Dry content

47 % ± 2





Notes Mixing

It is essential to avoid any alcohol or water content in the diluting solvents of this product. Stir well the additive before the use and the final product after the addition, in order to ensure an optimal dispersion.


For the use of leftovers of products already containing this hardener, please refer to the appropriate TDS of those products. For the storage of unfinished containers of hardener, please consider carefully the storage precautions given below.

Hardener MIL for 2 K systems



Instructions for the use of printing inks for the production of primary food packaging For information on the use of printing inks, varnishes and additives for the manufacture of food packaging please refer to the respective „Statement of Composition". This information is provided to allow the calculation of possible levels of migration of evaluated substances in a worst case situation. The manufacturer of the finished article and the filler have the legal responsibility to prove by appropriate migration testing that it is fit for its intended purpose. In order to maintain low residual solvents concentration in the printed film, the printer must ensure sufficient drying of the inks, especially when retarders have been added. Residual solvent content must be regularly monitored. The inks must not be used in the manufacture of packaging where the printed ink layer is intended to come into contact with foodstuff (direct food contact).

Health & Safety The material safety data sheets contain all relevant information for the generation of appropriate internal plant instructions. The user is responsible for all local legislation requirements.

Ink Handling Please refer to General Guidelines for handling inks for flexible packaging.

Storage Conditions Store the material in the original packaging at a temperature not below 5°C and not in direct contact with sunlight. Storage Precautions: it is recommended to pay great attention in keeping the product well sealed and protected from air and moisture, in order to avoid its deterioration (the product hardens and becomes unusable, if the container remains open). If a bin should not be completely used, it is recommended to transfer the remaining material into a clean and dry new container of smaller dimension, and to protect it against air and moisture.

Contact addresses for advice and further information can be found under www.hubergroup.com Due to the many variables in materials for printing, design construction, processing conditions and test criteria, this Technical Data Sheet can only be of an advisory nature. Our data reflect the latest state of our knowledge and are based on the characteristics established in the laboratory and on practical experience. Because there are many factors under the control of the user which may affect processing or application/use, it is necessary for the user to carry out appropriate tests to determine whether the product(s) is technically and safely suitable for the particular purpose, prior to use. hubergroup disclaims any liability for applications for which this ink series is not foreseen. No warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied, are made regarding the products here described. The English version is the master document, on which to refer for any translations.

Hardener MIL for 2 K systems


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