Fire & Rescue Equipment Solutions

Fire & Rescue Equipment Solutions Dependable and safe pressure control solutions that provide peace of mind when seconds count! Why TESCOM? When respo...

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Fire & Rescue Equipment Solutions Reliable pressure regulation for breathing air & fire suppression systems

Dependable and safe pressure control solutions that provide peace of mind when seconds count! Why TESCOM?


When response time is a matter of life and death, having safe and reliable products you can depend on is paramount. The same safe and robust TESCOMTM regulator and valve designs that our diving & life support customers have come to expect, carry over the same level of quality to control pressures of breathing air and any inert or chemical gas applications for fire suppression systems.

• Robust regulator designs that provide high reliability and exceptional service life - barstock machined body with material traceability • Availability of a wide range of standard products that meet many existing applications • Ease and improved efficiency of operation and maintenance • Optional electropneumatic PID controller for automation • Modifications and customizing to meet special application needs • Highly knowledgeable staff and superior technical support to help you find the right pressure control product

You get more… For decades we have partnered with some of the world’s top companies within industrial, commercial, marine, oil and gas and power generation markets. TESCOM offers a knowledgeable and experienced staff who can provide the support you need, and we are ready for any new challenges along the way.

Demand genuine TESCOM products.

Fire & Rescue Equipment Solutions Applications include: Fire Suppression Systems • Deluge/Sprinkler • Inert Gas


Bottle Filling

• Compressed Air Foam

• Chemical • Gas • Breathing Air

TESCOM solutions: TESCOM 44-1300 Series high capacity pressure reducing regulator offers self-venting and balance valve design. Ideal for discharging spray systems requiring high pressure and high flow applications. TESCOM BB-1 Series high pressure, low flow pressure reducing regulator is ideal for use on portable fire suppression packs due to their compact design. TESCOM 44-1100 Series high pressure, low flow pressure reducing regulator is typically used in charging breathing air bottles for portable fire suppression packs.

TESCOM 44-4000 Series is a dome loaded, spring biased regulator designed for pressure tracking application to maintain a constant differential pressure. Ideal for chemical suppression systems on fire trucks or rescue vehicles. TESCOM VJ Series on/off valves can be used as a stand alone or in conjunction with a regulator to isolate pressure. Often used in a manifold design.

Our product line includes both pressure reducing, backpressure regulators, numerous control valves and custom manifolds & systems. The nature of these applications require a safe and robust design in order to ensure reliability and long service life. All TESCOM products are designed, manufactured and individually tested to the highest possible standards in our approved worldwide manufacturing facilities.

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