Environmental Simulation Test Equipment

Environmental Simulation Test Equipment. Electronics withstand heat and cold In addition, manufacturers increasingly require a ... a test of the compo...

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Environmental Simulation Test Equipment

Electronics withstand heat and cold

Function and reliability under extreme conditions In many industries, there is a trend towards an ever increasing electronics share in the products. However, an abundance of failure risks are inherent to the efficient, yet very sensitive technology. In spite of this, the electronics used must function reliably under all circumstances prevailing in use - also under extreme conditions.

In-process tests enable the customers to meet the high requirements on the reliability of their products - from the

Faults generated under extreme loads must be recogni-

individual component up to complete products.

zed as early as possible in the manufacturing process. For this reason, a test of the components and assem-

A further segment of our product range comprises the

blies under simulation of actually existing environmental

calibration of devices. A typical application example

influences - especially extreme temperatures - is

from the building technology field is the temperature


calibration of heat meters.

This is of particular importance in markets with high requirements on operational safety, such as automoti-


ve, medical technology, aerospace. Automotive In addition, manufacturers increasingly require a


guaranteed reliability of third-party components.

Rail transport

Defective components can cause the failure of complete

Building technology

systems which always involves high costs and loss of

Medical technology


Communication technology

Automotive test systems Temperature test product range


ENGMATEC provides a large range of efficient systems


for quality assurance, development and production.


This includes standard modules that can be flexibly

Emission control

combined as well as individual equipment according to

Steering systems

customer specification.

Engine and transmission control

The delivery program comprises both climate test equipment as batch version (temperature test cabinets)

Sensors Aerospace test systems

and continuous tunnel systems with inline capability

Flight controls


Actuation systems

The use of stand-alone climate cabinets is suitable for market segments with lower production quantities. When assemblies are produced in high annual quanti-

Rail transport test systems System electronics Chassis controls

ties, e.g. in the automotive industry, the use of continuous tunnel systems with process-integrated test systems is often more economical.

Building technology test systems Heat meters

Stand-alone systems

Professional test technology and environmental simulation The core competence of ENGMATEC GmbH is the design of climate and temperature cabinets which allow for functional tests or calibrations. Depending on customer requirements, the products are exposed to various thermal and mechanical stress

Main characteristics

factors and tested. Combined environmental test procedures are often required.

Temperature profiles from - 45°C to +125°C

Provoked failures help to identify weak points already in

Simple handling

the development phase to enable early correction of

Reliable contacting with low-wear system plugs

instable processes.

Adaptation to customer specifications

ENGMATEC has implemented solutions in the testing and measuring technology field. Based on this experience we can provide our customers a comprehensive and interdisciplinary test spectrum. Based on proven components, ENGMATEC plans and installs temperature test equipment optimally tailored to individual customer specifications. Complete products or individual electronic components can be tested with our test systems, depending on requirements.

Continuous tunnel systems

Rehm Thermal Systems and ENGMATEC, two specialists in the field of temperature testing, have joined their forces to offer thermal test systems as inline solutions. ENGMATEC integrates the Securo thermal test system from Rehm into the production process.

Inline test equipment for temperature test The general development towards a continuously increasing use of electronic components in various products, led by the automotive industry, corresponds with the simultaneously increasing requirements on product reliability. Test systems with a higher capacity are therefore urgently required. This achieves higher economic effectiveness and efficiency as compared to temperature cabinets as stand-alone versions. Design and implementation In particular, suppliers to the automotive industry manufacture assemblies and components in annual

Temperature profiles from - 40°C to + 125°C

quantities which can be manufactured only on equipment with inline capability and process-integrated test systems. ENGMATEC provides automated environmental simulation sections for these requirements.

Continuous parts throughput Individual adaptation to customer specifications Manual or automated loading Temperature precision of ±1°C can be achieved

Continuous tunnel systems Temperature profiles from - 40°C to + 140°C Continuous parts throughput Individual adaptation to customer specifications Manual or automated loading

Test technology Assembly automation Measuring equipment Board handling equipment Detail part manufacturing

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