Enabling payments through innovation

•Programme Manager (MSP) •Consumer Credit License •CAIS and Insight Members •Regulated by the OFT •Card Issuer •E-money License •Regulated by the FSA ...

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Enabling payments through innovation In partnership with:


APS Overview Management Experience

A 100+ years of combined management experience in the card payments industry

Payment and Card’s “know-how” is our core USP It’s WHAT we do ... It’s ALL we do 2

APS Overview Product Milestones – Prepaid Payments innovator  1st general purpose prepaid card in the UK  1st instant issue MasterCard prepaid card in the UK

 1st CHIP & PIN prepaid card  1st prepaid card to give instant online decisions  1st to create reload network via the UK Post Office®  1st and only gold prepaid card in the UK

 1st to offer Creditbuilder  1st UK prepaid card to offer Purchase Protection  1st prepaid issuer to gain MasterCard membership  1st to offer an Integrated Currency product  1st to deliver an online Bill Payment solutions  1st ‘true’ Banking prepaid product  Unique sort code and bank account number  Faster payments  Direct Debit Achieved 10+ industry accolades and stand as the most awarded prepaid card in Europe 3

APS Differentiators (USPs) More than just a prepaid card issuer

Enables Delivers • Card Issuer

• Programme Manager (MSP)

• E-money License

• Consumer Credit License

• Regulated by the FSA

• CAIS and Insight Members

• Principal Member of MasterCard and Visa

• Regulated by the OFT

Only ‘real’ solution to combine direct issuing, programme management and real banking solutions all under one management team and one investor. 4

Prepaid Card Solution Developed for Councils

Local Authority Prepaid Card Solution Direct Payments & Personal Budgets

Cash & Cheque Replacement



Solving numerous Cash & Expense Management Challenges ...Cost Effectively 5

How Prepaid Cards Work Why Cashplus prepaid cards are a powerful solution  Better Engagement  Simplification of process for Service Users & Council employees  Increases speed of service provision – no need to wait for the service user to set up

a new bank account  Encourages financial responsibility  Simpler Process  Limits the administrative burden

 More Control  Enables claw back of funds – its YOUR money  Access to all Cardholder spend for monitoring & Auditing via electronic statements

at ANYTIME!  Limit type of merchant spend (e.g. Cash withdrawal) by blocking MCCs  More utility than standard prepaid cards  Sort Code & unique Account Number making it easier to receive & make payments  Direct Debits

 Customer contributions available directly on to the card account 6

How Prepaid Cards Work as a disbursement mechanism for benefits to customers  Account Summary  Contract with Council, therefore funds on the account are Council funds.  Customer contributions can be accepted

 Set up of Card / Account  Council to set up account on behalf of the customer  APS will electronically ID&V customer where joint contributions required.  Customer to agree to card Ts&Cs and that funds transferred on to the account are ‘Council funds’.

 Online Banking Set up  Both the customer and Council can set up separate user accounts to monitor funds

 Funding  Council load benefits via BACs process as each card has a sort code & unique account number  Pro’s  Council set up accounts & card sent directly to customer (or to council office, if required)  Council & customer can register on line to monitor / manage account  Existing customers can keep using their current bank account and just set up a standing order to the prepaid card  New customers can just ‘transfer’ their contribution from an existing bank account or by cash if they are fully ID’d

Value Add  APS could allocate the council’s funds once the customer contribution has been received on the card 7

Prepaid Card Solution: Fee schedule to deliver a complete end to end payment solution APS Prepaid Card Solution Core Fee Schedule



Core Fees

• £1000 Core Set up

• • • •

£29.99 annual fee (per account) £4.95 additional / replacement cards £0.99 UK ATM cash withdrawal £0.35 Direct Debit or Bill Payment transaction

Our prepaid cards carry no bank load fees Card Account volume discounts can apply on card orders greater than 500

Core Implementation includes the following activities: • • • • • •


APS system set up (including Tricipher security) Training Programme (up to 2 ½ hours) Financial Settlement set up process Card Payment set up process Production set up of fulfilment and MasterCard Provision of Banners & Card Images for intranet and other cardholder/user communications

Questions & Answers Can client's load their contribution through Paypoint outlets? Client’s can pay their contribution via bank transfer, the Post Office (4 in Wigan within a mile of your office), at our Retail partner stores (over 1,300 countrywide, five stores within ½ mile of your office) and epay outlets (Paypoint’s rival) with 12 stores with Wigan postcodes. The usage rebates - are these applied to the charges and fees only? Rebates are based on the number of accounts purchased, i.e. 500+ cards 17% rebate, 1,000+ cards 33% rebate & 5,000+ cards 50% rebate. What human resources/man hours will be required to input and update client information onto the system? Each application (one-off) will take no more than 5 minutes to input. For monitoring and auditing purposes, once the initial registration of the online account has been completed (2 mins), it will take less than one minute to get into the account to monitor it real-time. Can the personal budget information in Agresso be automatically transferred by data flow to APS? As the Cashplus card account comes with a unique account number & sort code, payments can be made via the standard BACS process.

Questions & Answers Is there an insurance fee applied to cards? No, this is covered in the Annual fee Is there a charge when Councils reclaim unspent money from cardholder accounts? No, the accounts are the Councils, so all you need to do is transfer the money from the account in to another Council account – this can be done online

How much do you charge for replacement cards, if they are lost? £4.95 How frequently are charges reviewed and what is the likelihood/scale of annual price increases? Fees may be increased each year on the 1st April (commencing 1st April 2012) to reflect increases in the Retail Price Index published by the Office for National Statistics or a successor Ministry, Department or other office (or such other index as may replace the Retail Price Index in the event the latter is no longer produced) for March in the same Financial Year. Otherwise, the fees indicated on the attached Commercial Agreement will remain in place for the duration of the contract agreement.