Dr.-Ing. Michael Wallinger German Patent Attorney European

Dr.-Ing. Michael Wallinger German Patent Attorney European Patent Attorney Dr. Michael Wallinger is one of the founding partners of the Law Firm WRST...

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Dr.-Ing. Michael Wallinger German Patent Attorney European Patent Attorney Dr. Michael Wallinger is one of the founding partners of the Law Firm WRST. He holds a PhD in engineering and is admitted as a German and European Patent Attorney since 1987 and 1988, respectively.

Technical Expertise Mechanical Engineering: Studies of Mechanical Engineering with focus on the technology of gears, internal combustion engines and slide and roller bearings at the Technical University Clausthal; Research Assistant at the Institute of Tribology and Mechanical Kinematics at the Technical University Clausthal (former Max Planck Institute for Tribology); PhD thesis on lubrication of gear wheels according to the theory of elastohydrodynamics Electrical Engineering: Study of Electrical Measurement and Control Technology at the Technical University Clausthal, Research Assistant with the Institute of Electrical Engineering at the Technical University Clausthal; development of computer programs in various programming languages for scientific projects including projects for NASA; development of electronic test equipment.

Languages German, English, French

Memberships German Patent Attorneys’ Bar Association (PAK) Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office (epi)

Federal German Association of Patent Attorneys (BDP) International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys (FICPI) American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA) Association of German Engineers (VDI)

Intellectual Property Expertise Dr. Wallinger is involved in high profile patent litigation since 1983, including hundreds of patent infringement, patent nullity and patent opposition cases, as well as IP arbitration. A considerable number of these cases were finally decided by the German Federal Supreme Court and are still regarded as landmark decisions. These decisions include, inter alia: “Diving Computer” on the patentability of software programs, “Radio Controlled Clock I, II” on international jurisdiction, “Torque Transmission Device” and “Time Telegram”, which are landmark decisions on claim amendments during prosecution, “Chain Wheel Assembly” and “Multi Speed Hub”, setting the legal precedent in regard to the interpretation of patent claims as well as the most recent decision “Orange Book Standard” on the interrelation of patents and standards. In these cases, Dr. Wallinger has represented blue chip corporations, in particular in the automotive industry, but also midsize technology-savy companies. The technology in these cases encompasses mechanic devices, in particular for the car and bicycle industry, electronic products like CDs, CD-Rs, DVDs and DVD-Rs and computer controlled devices such as automatic gear drives, air conditioning system, measurement devices and the like.