Design, Quality and Function

Design, Quality and Function... Supply Pedestals • Payment Systems • Access Control • Management Software. tallykey a/s develops and produces power an...

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Supply Pedestals • Payment Systems • Access Control • Management Software

Design, Quality and Function...


Complete Supply Solutions for Marinas, Harbours, and Campsites tallykey a/s develops and produces power and water supply pedestals along with systems for consumption payment and access control. Furthermore, we develop software for the management of harbours, marinas, and campsites. We produce supply pedestals without recording of the consumption, or pedestals with digital power meters and the possibility of wireless remote reading. Our card systems for payment and access control are based on the market's most reliable technology with many possibilities and functions. We offer software solutions in various sizes, from a simple card handling program to a complete management system including real-time wireless data update and advanced statistics. The common features of all our products are unique design, durability, long life span and ease of use for both administrators and users. This leaflet presents our products and solutions in a brief manner. We welcome the opportunity to learn about your operation, and propose solutions that bring the lowest life costs.

tallykey Supply Pedestals


Simple Power Supply Unit at the Market's Best Price

Facts and features • 2 power outlets, 16A 1-phase • Optional power meters, remote reading or card system • Can be mounted on wall or pole • Slender alu-legs can be supplied

T1 standard model without legs


Slender Alu-pedestal to Lighten Any Environment

Facts and features • Max. 6 power outlets of max. 32A 1-phase • Optional power meters, remote reading or card system • Max. 4 water taps, 1/2 " or 3/4 " • Optional hose rack • With or without high-efficiency lamp • Available in a short (marina) or tall (campsite) model

The tallykey T2 is available in a variety of different versions for various purposes

tallykey Supply Pedestals


Elegant, Durable and Versatile Alu Supply Pedestal

Facts and features • 2 or 4 power outlets, 16A 1-phase • Optional power meters, remote reading or card system • Optional 1/2" water taps • Optional hose-rack • High-efficiency lamp

A slender hose rack can easily be retrofitted on the T4


Maritime Design With Many Options

Facts and features • Max. 6 power outlets, max. 63A 3-phase • Optional power meters, remote reading or card system • Max. 4 water taps, 1/2 " or 3/4 " • Optional water meters • Optional hose rack/hose winder • High-efficiency lamp • Many possibilities, e.g. connectors for WLAN, phone or radio/TV antenna • Can be delivered as T6 SOS rescue post T6 SOS

T6 with coin insert

Payment and Access Control

tallycard+ The Flexible and Robust Card System for Payment and Access Control

Facts and features • Sturdy system without magnetic strips or terminals • Specially developed for maritime environments with high humidity and salt concentration • Philips MiFare technology with high data-encryption • Handles consumption payment, payment for services and access control with or without payment • Zero signal cables; eliminating system vulnerability • No buttons or complicated displays • Easy administration with tallymaster+ • Fullly integrated with tallymanager • Optional tallymate vendingmachine for customer friendly self-service 24-7 • Optional tallycards with customer specific graphics



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Electricity payment

Payment for services

Access control

Gate control

Custom cards

tallymate Vending Machine The tallycard+ system has the ability to offer customer-friendly selfservice around the clock with the tallymate vending machine. Upon arrival, the guest can draw a tallycard+ with an amount for consumption. The vending machine can also accept the payment of harbour fee. If needed, the guest can use the vending machine to transfer more money to the card anytime during the stay. At departure, the vending machine can refund any remaining amount on the card, and issue a receipt.

Facts and features

• Self-service 24 hours a day, every day of the year • Handles any task regarding the tallycard+ system, accepts payment of harbour fee and issues both labels for the boat and receipts • Fully integrated with tallymaster+ and tallymanager software • Full statistics and transaction log

Remote Reading of Meters - Software for Card Systems


The Market's Most Reliable System for the Remote Reading of Power Meters...

Facts and features • No signal cables! - tallybee works through a modern and reliable, wireless radio network • Option for remote control, e.g. turn sockets on/off or control doors and gates etc. • Software works as a stand-alone system or integrated with tallymaster+ or tallymanager • Can be delivered for all our tallykey supply pedestals and units


Software for tallycard+ Systems...

tallymaster+ is a simple and user-friendly software for the administration of tallycard+ systems. The tallymaster+ can issue, refill and return/delete cards, and there is a built-in cash register for payment and printing of receipts.

Facts and features • Customer database with efficient search facilities • User-friendly design, which gives a perfect overview • Installs in a few minutes, and can be used by anybody • Available in several versions to cover any need; e.g. tallymaster+ basic, only for the settlement of power consumption charges and tallymaster+ standard which also handles access control

Card reader for the programming of tallycard+

Management System for Marinas, Harbours, and Campsites

tallymanager The Complete Software System for Management of Marinas, Harbours, and Campsites...

tallymanager is a complete system for the administration of marinas and campsites. The program is fast and easy to use, and gives you a full overview. It has been our goal from the beginning to create the market's most complete administration software; able to handle any aspect of the facility management. The graphical maps give you the total overview of occupancy, and vacant berths are found within seconds. All functions are backed by the customer database with ultra-fast search facilities, and the built-in cash register makes payment fast and easy.

Facts and features • • • • •

Optional on-line booking and prepayment Perfect overview with graphical site maps Easy handling of seasonal customers Handles any tallycard+ or tallybee system Can be integrated with various economy systems

tallykey a/s Company Profile Design, Quality and Function Our goal is to be market leading in design, quality and function. We look ahead and develop tomorrow's products with the best combination of price, performance, quality and function.

We manufacture our products using only high quality components delivered by brand name suppliers. The first tallykey pedestals were installed in 1994 and have proven their enduring functionality, even in a harsh harbour environment. All our products are backed by a customer-friendly service policy involving full support.

This leaflet presents our products in a brief maner. Leaflets for each specific product can be found at our website Please, also contact your dealer or tallykey a/s for further information. See our list of references at

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