Curriculum Vitae Claus Thustrup Kreiner October 2018

PI, Grant from the Candy foundation, 2017‐2019. Grant from the University of Copenhagen, Program of excellence, Economic Policy in the Modern Welfare ...

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PI, Grant from the Danish Council for Independent Research in Social Sciences (FSE), 2003, 2009 ... Family, Gender and Work, Bergen, Norway; Conference on Welfare State Reform in Europe, ... Lecture on the European Sovereign Debt Crisis, the Danish I

SCORE Working papers 2002:6. Popular science Sundberg, M. (2011) ”Så skapar forskarna trovärdighet för sina modeller”, Tvärsnitt, 3–4 Work in progress “Brotherhood as a social relationship” Forthcoming in Ahrne, G. and Brunsson, N. (eds) (2019) More

“Thunderbird”, Nimbus Film - Manus. 1999: KONG JOOL d.s., Gruppe 38. PANDEKAGEN DER LØB VÆK, De Røde Heste. BALLADEN OM MARJAN OG ROLF, Gruppe 38, Dk og udland. 1998: BALLADEN OM MARJAN OG ROLF, Gruppe 38, Dk og udland. PANDEKAGEN DER LØB VÆK, De Rød

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S., Martucci, A., Kunze-Liebhäuser, J., Pastor, E., Granozzi, G. Electrochemical Behavior of TiOxCy as Catalyst Support for Direct Ethanol Fuel Cells at Intermediate Temperature: From Planar Systems to Powders (2016) ACS Applied Materials and