rolling and quality management. Installing a project office in this way saves costs because it works as a shared access point to a pool of project man...

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EICT mobilizes partners for strong alliances and

With backgrounds in computer science, management

Partner Network

European Center for Information and

Research and innovations demand excellent ideas,

gives research projects the inspiring spin: with

economics, sociology and communications, EICT employees

Alcatel-Lucent | BMW | CAR 2 CAR Communication

Communication Technologies – EICT GmbH

efficient networks and open structures. Collaborative

precise project management and communication

have a profound understanding of the research community

Consortium | Centro Ricerche Fiat | Daimler |

EUREF Campus Haus 13, Torgauer Straße 12 - 15,

innovation is the best way to stay ahead of global

competences, with future studies and business

and its specific needs, of application requirements, and how

Deutsche Telekom | Delphi | Ericsson | Ford Research

10829 Berlin, Germany

digital change.

modeling methods, with IT infrastructure and tools.

to coordinate large research consortia.

& Advanced Engineering Europe | fortiss | Fraunhofer-

phone + 49 30 3670 2350 - 00

Gesellschaft | HITACHI Europe | NEC Europe |

fax + 49 30 3670 2350 - 01

As a public-private partnership of leading players, EICT acts

During the entire innovation cycle, EICT teams strengthen

The aim is to ease the burden of project participants, such

Münchner Kreis | PT V Planung Transport Verkehr |

e-mail info @

as a trusted third party and platform for collaborative

the collaboration of project participants by accompanying

as project coordinators, managers, developers and scientists.

Siemens | TU Berlin | TNS Infratest | Opera Software |


research. Its overall goal is to initiate and promote innovations

their steps, such as business exploration, consortia building

The team‘s attentive and clear comprehension reduces

and others

and contributing to the European research agenda.

complexity, bridges gaps and offers easy-to-use solutions.

for a mobile networked society.



Future Studies & Techno-Economic Analysis Forecasting and monitoring of future trends in a fast

Energy & Environment

changing world are a prerequisite for successful

eMobility, smart grids, green ICT

innovation. Gaining knowledge about users’ needs, new technologies and new players in the global market is essential for designing innovation strategies and for

Innovation Radar

Project Facilitation


sectors. EICT supports its partners by conducting


Proje ct s

ferri ng R

studies focusing on defined research questions and specific partner interests.

Tran s

Exec uting

ct s Proje ting Initia

onso r



Build ing C


tif yin

software-defined networks, test beds

Expl oring

broadband and wireless access technologies,

Busi ness F

s g Th em e

Information & Communication Technologies

decision making processes in the public and private

Collaborative Project Management

Automotive & Mobility vehicle-to-x communication, advanced driver assistance

To provide up-to-date knowledge about the future of ICT and

systems, autonomous driving, multi-modal mobility

the media, EICT participates as a key partner in the long-term Business Modeling

Techno-Economic Studies

Proposal Services

IT Tools

Test Beds and Prototypes

“Zukunftsstudie” project initiated by Münchner Kreis.

Communication and Events

Business Development & Business Modeling Specialists in business development and business modeling

EICT initiates and supports projects that bring

Project Management


Collaborative Software Applications

IT Infrastructure

have become increasingly important to technology projects

together industry, academia and research

Applied methods of project management are instrumental

Project identity and visibility are essentials for internal

To address both the need for maximum transparency

Beyond providing infrastructure for project communication

as many innovations are hybrid in nature. While they

institutes. Many of these projects are embedded

in structuring innovation processes within large

and external communication. Starting with a unique design

and minimal administrative overhead, EICT has developed

and management, EICT also serves as a platform for ongoing

require cross-sectoral collaboration, their market success

in programmes of the European Commission

research consortia. Thus, a project’s entire life cycle is

and logo, EICT provides the project with all the digital,

specific software applications to support collaborative

test bed operations.

depends on offering an integrated solution, and not simply

and national funding schemes.

professionally covered – from collaboration planning,

audio-visual and printed media that are necessary for


managing contracts and work-plan changes to directing

informing about project goals, progress and results.

EICT prepares the grounds for new topics and negotiates

internal communication processes, and performing cont-

research interests with public funding agencies. In the

rolling and quality management.

case of private sector innovation initiatives, EICT acts as

a product or a service. Many research projects develop a final demonstrator or

The toolkit contains a web-based reporting tool, meeting

prototype. The nature of EICT as research support

Deployment strategies have to address the creation of new

Through workshops, conferences, presentations, road shows,

and conferencing software, process management

platform allows the continued operation of such demons-

value networks and of returns on large-scale investments,

press conferences and public events the communication

software for document review and quality assurance,

trators and test beds. In recent years EICT has acquired

particularly with regard to ICT infrastructure or in the case

an impartial partner. All its activities focus on ICT-based

Installing a project office in this way saves costs because it

team promotes the project results, leaving a strong impact

as well as secure collaboration and exchange platforms.

experience in the setup, operation, and management of

of disruptive innovations. EICT contributes to successful

intelligent systems covering several fields of application.

works as a shared access point to a pool of project manage-

within the targeted stakeholder groups.

Well-proven templates, tools and a common working

test beds in the field of future communication networks.

deployment by exploring business opportunities, develo-

ment resources and improves the efficiency of joint research.

environment are provided to ensure efficient processes.

ping business models and analyzing business cases.