company has been placed since 1991. Datrend has specialized in developing and manufactoring biomedical test equipment and has a wide product line of i...

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The Datrend products are designed and produced Canada where the company has been placed since 1991. Datrend has specialized in developing and manufactoring biomedical test equipment and has a wide product line of innovative patient simulators and analyzers. Datrend’s products are renowed world-wide and are designed with a specific focus on ease-of-use with the possibility of setting up advanced testing environments for documentation and validation of biomedical equipment. vPad-353

& vPad-ES Rugged

New and innovative electrical safety analyzer with Datrend’s Vision-Pad technology • IEC62353 / IEC60601 / AAMI ES1 / AS3551 • Simple user interface – controlled by a 10” tablet with icon-based test functions • Large touch screen – optional connectivity for external mouse and keyboard • Automatic test sequences • Internal memory – “unlimited” test results can be saved (32GB memory) • Interface – transfer test data to PC by USB or wireless (WiFi & Bluetooth) • Printout – Print wireless or via USB • Build-in ECG simulator with arrhythmias • Android based • Medusa Integration (option) vPad-ES Rugged is perfect for “fieldwork” or for the mobile workspace as it is very durable and rugged and comes in an impact proof carry case.

Optimize your vPad with one of the many innovative vPad apps - Go to your local Secma site to learn more

vPad Mini Small rugged manual safety analyzer • IEC62353 / IEC60601 / IEC 61010 / AAMI-ES1 / NPPFA 99 • Easy to use • High resolution LCD display with touch • Applied part testing including mains on applied parts • Portable and lightweight

ES601 Advanced electrical safety analyzer with touch screen. • AAMI-ES1 / VDE-0751 / IEC62353 / EC601-BAT / AAMI-Bat / VDE-Bat / TR353-BAT / IEC61010 / IEC60601 • Simple user interface – Large and clear display with touch • Internal memory – Up to 500 test results can be stored • Automatic test sequences • Printout – print directly to a printer • Reports – Software included for transfer of test results • Documentation – Barcode reader connection • Medusa Integration (option)

Incutest Next generation infant incubator & radiant warmer testing system • IEC60101-2-19 / IEC60601-2-21 • Test of incubator & radiant warmer • Simultaneously measures humidity, airflow, sound, and 6 different temperatures • All sensors are independently movable, to be placed in positions required to meet with standards • Wireless control via tablet • Auto sequences • Android based • Tablet included

vPad RF The smallest full-featured analyzer for testing Electrosurgical Units (ESUs) • Digital signal processor (DSP) enables accurate testing of all ESU makes and models, continuous and pulsed-waveforms • Integration of ESU testing with HF digital storage oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer functions provides three pieces of test equipment in one • Multi-pulse analysis averages measurements from multiple RF pulses, reducing errors caused by analyzing pulses in isolation • High powered RF load provides settings required for all IEC 60601-2-2 tests, including Covidien ForceTriad maintenance procedures • Wide measurement range – up to 8.5A • Pre-Configured OEM Preventive Maintenance automated procedures for most major manufacturers • Works with vPad safety analyzers and automation apps


Hand held fetal simulator • Large display with backlight • Easy to use • Powered by included AC adapter or a single 9V battery • Test of ECG and ultrasound & TOCO simulation • Optional mechanical fetal heart

Infutest 2000 Dual-channel infusion device analyzer • Simple user interface – Large display • Accuracy – better that 1% on all pumps • Internal memory – up to 1600 test results can be saved • Multiple channels – Can be expanded up to 4 channels • Reports – Software included for transfer of test data to PC • Printout – print directly to a printer • Medusa integration (option)

Infutest 2000 RSM Expansion module for Infutest 2000 • 2 additional channels • Plug and play connection • For a total of 4 individual test channels

Infutest Solo Accurate and cost effective single channel infusion device analyzer • Accuracy – better that 1% on all pumps • Build in battery – up to 30 hours of battery usage • Internal memory – up to 120 test results can be saved • Reports – Software included for transfer of test data to PC via USB • Medusa integration (option)

Datrend warranty

A warranty always comes with your Datrend purchase. Datrend products carry up to a five year warranty* on legacy products and up to two years* on vPad products. The warranty requires a yearly service check/calibration at Secma. *If service is carried out by 3rd party, the warranty no longer applies.

VenTest Compact, portable and easy-to-use device for testing ventilators and anaesthetic delivery systems • 7” capacitive widescreen display with LED backlight • Intuitive graphical operating interface for measuring device • FlowSense bidirectional airflow sensors (±300 l/min or ±12 l/min) • Automatic flow sensor detection • 2 measured curves displayed simultaneously • 1 numeric parameters displayed, freely configurable • User configurable test setups • SD card or USB external memory • Wireless, Ethernet, and PC network connectivity • Report formatting and printing • Data logging • Option: Oxygen measurement • Option: Anesthetic gas measurement

vPad - A1 “All in One” Multipurpose patient simulator with Vision-Pad technology • 12 lead ECG including 60 arrhythmias • Neonatal mode • NIBP simulation • 2 channel invasive BP simulation • Temperature and respiration simulation • Pacer simulation • Cardiac output • SpO2 simulation - including Masimo rainbow simulation • Auto sequences – can be configured to match you needs • Test reports – can be generated directly on the device • Android based controller unit with touch • Communication via Bluetooth, WiFi or USB

Secma support

Do you know the Secma Support-team? At Secma we have a Service- and Support-team ready to guide you in any product-related question you might have in relation to the products we distribute. Get more information on the Secma Support-team on your local Secma website.

Defi-tester Phase3 Defibrillator tester with build-in handle – easy to transport • Test of monophasic, biphasic and pulsed multi-phased defibrillators • Test of all AED’s • Accuracy – better than 1% on all defibrillators • Build-in rechargeable battery – up to 24 hours of battery life • Internal memory – up to 80 test protocols • Reports – PC software included for transfer of test results • Medusa integration (option)

Phase 3 VLM Variable load modul • IEC 60601-2-4 / AAMI DF-80 • Variable test loads from 25 -175 Ohm

Oxitest Hand held SpO2 simulator with exclusive Nellcor sensor port • Up to 40 hours of simulation on build in rechargeable battery • Build in algorithms for test of all major brands of SpO2 manufacturers • Easy to use • LCD display • Easy configuration of presets for 5 saturation rates, 6 heart frequencies & 4 amlitudes • Signal artifact simulation

AMPS-1 Advanced modular patient simulator • 12 lead ECG • Neonatal mode • Arrhythmias • Pacemaker waveforms • Respiration simulation • Temperature simulation • Optional cardiac output & fetal heart • Optional expandable with up to 4 electrically isolated BP channels incl. Swan-Ganz simulation

Remember to fill out and send us your RMA form online before shipping your test equipment for calibration or service at Secma. Find the RMA form on your local Secma website under Service - RMA

TSI is an American owned and based company with over 50 years of experience with developing quality test equipment for flow measurements. The company daily occupies over 500 employees worldwide and are reputed to be amongst the top manufacturors within the industry. Secma is a certified TSI Gold Sales Partner.

5000 Series Flow Meters All-in-One Flow Meter - all the measurements you need in one small and compact device • 6 types of measurements: temperature, absolute pressure, volume, low differential pressure and humidity • Range, 5200 low flow models 0-30 L/min. • Range, 5300 high flow models 0-300 L/min. • Up to 4 types of measurement readings simultaneously • Multi-connection options with user-configurable tube ends • Built-in data logger - export via USB or via FLO-SightTM software • Large colour touch-screen display • Fast and accurate, 4ms bi-directional flow response time


• High accuracy and low pressure drop

Flow Analyser FA+ Full-feature system capable of testing virtually all models of ventilators • Color touch screen graphical user interface • Real-time graphing mode • Bi-directional flow measurement • Data storage using SD Flash card and internal memory • Access stored data through USB interface • Report printing capability • Rechargeable battery plus AC operation

TSI warranty

A warranty always comes with your TSI purchase. TSI products come with a standard 1 year warranty*. We recommend, that you get the product serviced/calibrated once a year at Secma in order to prolong the life-time of the product and maintain measurement precision. *If service is carried out by 3rd party, the warranty no longer applies.

Rigel Medical is a part of the Seaward Group and one of the most acknowledged brands within industrial and biomedical test equipment. Rigel Medical has since its start in the 1970s developed analyzers and simulators of very high quality and carries a wide and specialized product range for the calibration, servicing and testing of biomedical equipment. Electrical safety analyzer 288+ Hand held fully automatic electrical safety analyzer • IEC / EN 60601-1 / 62353 / 61010 / NFPA-99 • Manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic tests • Simple user interface – Backlit LCD display and complete keyboard • Internal memory – Up to 10.000 test results can be saved in internal memory • Autosequence – Programming of individual and custom test sequences • Printout – Optional label printer • Reports – Transfer of data to PC for generating test reports via Rigels’ Med-eBase software (Med-eBase not included) • Documentation – Optional wireless barcode reader • Wireless communication via Bluetooth or USB cable • Measurements can be carried out “point-to-point”

Electrical safety analyzer 62353+ Hand held fully automatic electrical safety analyzer for tests according to IEC62353 • IEC62353 • Manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic tests • Simple user interface – Backlit LCD display and complete keyboard • Internal memory – Up to 10.000 test results can be saved in internal memory • Autosequence – Programming of individual and custom test sequences • Reports – Transfer of data to PC for generating test reports via Rigels’s Med-eBase software (Med-eBase not included)

UniSim - Vital signs simulator Uniqe hand held vital signs simulator • Simulation of NIBP, ECG, Respiration, SpO2, IBP & temperature • Simple user interface – Backlit LCD display and complete keyboard • Internal memory – Up to 5.000 test results can be saved in internal memory • User programmable patient conditions • Optional PULS-R SpO2 simulation finger

SafeTest 60 Manual, robust, reliable and dedicated eletrical safety analyzer • IEC60601 / IEC62353 / IEC61010 / NFPA-99 • Attractive price compared to fully automatic safety analyzers • Small, handy and portable – only 1,1 Kg • Large color display • Easy to use color coded user interface • Automatic detection on secondary ground paths • Handy carry case for tester and cables included

Uni Pulse 400 Compact and innovative defibrillator analyzer with pacer • Test of all defibrillators – AED, Mono phasic, Bi-phasic & Tri-phasic • Large color display • Full pacer functionalities • On-screen wave capturing • Build-in 12 lead ECG simulator • Internal memory – up to 5000 test results can be saved in internal memory • Transfer of data via USB • Optionally, can be combined with a variable load module for full testing capabilities according to IEC 60601-2-4 • Reports – Transfer of data to PC for generating test reports via Rigel’s Med-eBase software (Med-eBase not included)

PatSim 200 Easy to use and cost-effective patient simulator • Compact, light-weight • Large color display with intuitive navigation • Store and recall the 5 most used sequences with the touch of a button • Dedicated home navigation button • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery with up to 6 hours of operations between charges • High-contrast and low luminance color display for minimal disruption in critical or intensive care environments • Universal ECG studs to connect with the widest possible range of cables • Compatible with legacy temperature and IBP interconnect cables • On-screen waveform display for quick reference

Multi-Flo Ultra precise infusion pump analyzer with color display • Saves time with accurate and instantaneous flow measurements • Meet manufacturer’s test requirements by creating (or sharing) test protocols for different models or applications • Fully traceable results storage and automatic data capture reduces time and manual data errors • Flexible purchase, with 1,2 or 4 channel configuration and optional future upgrade • Saves time by analyzing multiple devices simultaneously • Improved data analysis with high resolution data storage • Provides peace of mind with full compliance test capability to IEC 60601-2-24 • Large graphic display with clear data viewing distance exceeding 5 meters • Increased throughput with Med-eBase remote control function • Get the most out of the Multi-Flo with Med-eBase test solution software (Med-eBase software not included)

Uni-Therm High-performance high current electrosurgical analyzer • Three self-contained resistive load banks (CQM, HF Leakage, Power) • Tests all ESU’s including those with high current vessel-sealing technology • Meets all modern CQM test requirements and eliminates additional test equipment • Be an expert in minutes with easy-to-follow on-screen instructions • Speed up your testing by allowing the Uni-Therm to execute test sequences • Eliminates the need to write down results, reducing errors and improving efficiencies • Speed up testing, free up your time and improve safety • Reports – Transfer of data to PC for generating test reports via Rigels’ Med-eBase software (Med-eBase not included)

Med-eBase software

Integration with Medusa

Medical Asset Management software • Third party communication. • Compatible with Rigel Safety Simulator Range and Functional Testers. • Professional Certificate printing and PDF generation. • Storage for both performance and Safety tests under the same Asset. • On screen Graphs and Waveform for the Multi-Flo & UniPulse 400. • Client or location-based results storage. • Results Comparison (Allowing the user to monitor the degradation of equipment). • Upload facility (enabling and ensuring the correct and appropriate test procedure is carried out every year). • Test Sequence creation to help standardize procedures. • Easily monitor items that are due and overdue for testing • Remote access enabling several engineers to download into the same database. (Network compatible) • Export data as CSV. • View cut/coag and polar/bipolar test results using the Uni-Therm Electrosurgical Analyzer. • Calculate pressure accurately using the Multi-Flo Infusion Pump Analyzer.

Rigel warranty and extended warranty To extend the warranty beyond the standard 12 month, it is recommended that you follow the below stated link in order to register your product. Be aware of the applied regulations for the extended warranty as stated here below and that the equipment must be sent in for service with Secma no longer that 13 months after purchase in order for the extended warrantyto take effect. You can read more about the Rigel’s extended warranty here below and find the extended Rigel warranty form on their website by following this link: Best regards

Rigel extended warranty

Michael Christensen Service Manager

Register your Rigel product to activate your FREE 24 month warranty* •

Register and receive the following benefits:

Extend your standard 12 month warranty to 24 months free of charge*

Learn of new firmware updates for your product(s)

Be the first to hear about Rigel Medical seminars and guidance booklets

Preview exciting new products and software before anybody else

Keep informed of the latest industry news

Warranty information: Rigel Medical 24 month warranty statement Rigel Medical provides a standard 12-month manufacturer’s warranty against breakdown during normal use. This warranty can be upgraded to a 24-month warranty (terms and conditions apply*).

Rigel standard warranty

Problems caused through misuse, damage, fair wear & tear, consumables and accessories are excluded from standard warranty. Such components found to be being used in excess of their manufacturer’s operating recommendations are also excluded. Shipping to an authorised service centre is the responsibility of the sender. The Rigel product must be registered with Rigel Medical within 30 days of purchase to be eligible for the extended 24-month warranty. Instruments must be returned to an authorised service centre complete with proof of purchase within 13 months of purchase for calibration at the current rate. Any items returned for calibration outside of the 13 month period stated above may not be eligible for the second 12 month section of warranty. The second 12 month section of the warranty begins at the expiry of the initial 12 month period, not when the unit is calibrated.

*Terms and Conditions of 24 Month Warranty

A Rigel purchase always comes with a warranty. Rigel products are delivered with a 1 year standard warranty.

Pronk Technologies were founded in America in 1998 in USA and has a vast experience with designing and manufactoring biomedical test equipment as well as simulators designed especially for ”field work”. Pronk Technologies specializes in small and easy-to-use testers that are extremely mobile and durable.

FlowTrax Complete infusion pump analyzer in mini format • Simple in use • Flow measurement • Volume measurement • Pressure measurement • Build in timer • Temperature measurement of fluid (YSI-400 port) • Adjustable back pressure

• Can operate on battery power via 2 x standard AA batteries • Power supply and carry case included

SimSlim SL-8 Multifunction patient simulator in “pocket size” • Single button operation • Up to 10 year of battery life on built in battery, without need for charging or replacement • 12 Lead ECG • 8 Heart frequencies • 10 Arrhythmias

• 8 Respiration simulations • 4 Invasive BP channels • 7 static IBP’s • 3 Cardiac outputs • 6 temperatures (YSI 400 & 700)

EasySim Small educational patient simulator* • Easy to use via the remote control • Up to 5 year of battery life on built in battery, without need for charging or replacement • 12 lead ECG • NSR • Tachycardia, Bradycardia, ST segment +/- 1 mm • ECG rates: +/- 10 BPM

• PVC: Couplet, Run, Pause VTach, VFib, Asystole Bigeminy, Trigeminy, AFib • Atrial Flutter, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Degree Blocks • Pacer • Muscle and Baseline Noise • Respiration rates • Invasive BP • Cardiac output

*Only for educational use

Test kit SimCube + OxSim Complete mobile test kit including SimCube & OxSim simulators • Delivered in a small and handy carry case, that you can easily and safely transport around • Standard accessories: Extra battery module for up to 200 NIBP simulation on 4 AA batteries – complete kit of NIBP adapters and patented cuff sleeve. • Different options of combining simulators in a test kit to fit your specific needs.

Pronktech OxSim Flex OX-2 Next generation of the world’s smallest SpO2 simulator • Small and rugged, drop tested from 1 meter • Complete control of simulations • Saturations in 1% increments (10-100%) • Pulse rates in 1 BPM increments (25-240) • Create custom preset simulations for faster Alarm Testing • Perfusion Index levels in 1% increments (10-100%) • Masimo Rainbow SET® Compatible • Automatic detection of SpO2 Manufacturer • Color Display – OLED Technology and only 0.14 kg (excluding battery) • Fast and Accurate • Battery Operated – minimum 10 hours + Power Save Mode • Rugged: Polycarbonate housing. Drop tested 65 times from a height of 1m to a hard surface with no failures! • Field-upgradable Software

Multifunction patient simulator SimCube SC-5 Small “all round” patient simulator with manometer & leakage testing • Adult (120/80 mmHg), Neonatal (70/40 mmHg), Hypertensive (190/120 mmHg), and Hypotensive (80/40 mmHg) NIBP Simulations • Digital Manometer & 12-lead ECG Simulation • Arrhythmia & Respiration • Invasive Blood Pressure (IBP) Dynamic values (120/80, 70/40, 190/120) • 7 static IBP values (0, 25, 50, 100, 150, 200, 250) • Heart Rate/Respiration sequence & Pacer • Over Pressure (Peak Detect) Test mode measures the peak pressure produced by the patient monitor. The readout latches the highest pressure value sensed, in 0.1mmHg steps. • Leak Rate Test Mode • RS232 option for full control of simulations via PC terminal programme

Pronk Technologies warranty

A warranty always comes with a Pronk Technologies purchase. Pronk Technologies products comes with up to 4 years warranty*. To maintain the warranty, you need to have a yearly service/calibration check by Secma. *If service is carried out by 3rd party, the warranty no longer applies.

imtmedical has a vast experience in manufactoring high-end flow & gas analyzers. Their innovative and user-friendly products are made in Schwitzerland by a highly skilled and dedicated team, for whom quality and precision is of the essence. Flow analyzer Citrex H4 & H5 Innovative, compact & mobile flowanalysers • Easy to use • Weighs under 0,5 kg • Op to 5 hours of usage on internal rechargeable battery • Measurement of bi-directional flow • Color display • Real time graphs • Measurement of flow, volume, pressure & temperature • Measures up to 17 gas standards & 8 gas types • Optional oxygen concentration measurement • Measured data can be stored on SD card • Interface – RS232, USB, Ethernet, CAN, Analog out, TTL • Optional FlowLab PC software

SmartLung Adult/Infant

EasyLung Neonatal

• SmartLung Infant simulates the lungs of young children while offering the same performance as its sister product, the SmartLung Adult

• Ideal for testing childrens- and neonaltal ventilators

• The SmartLung Adult simulates adult lungs • SmartLung2000: With the new SmartLung 2000 you can test if a ventilator is in compliance with the following standards: IEC 60601-2-12,IEC 60601-2-13 and EN 794-3

EasyLung • The EasyLung is the most affordable way to simulate lungs of an adult or an infant

Flow Analyser PF-300 Premium bench-top ventilator tester for engineers and health care professionals • Measurement of flow, pressure, temperature, humidity, & O2 concentrations – bi-directional • Settings for adult, infant and hi-frequency • Large easy to read display • User-friendly user interface • Build-in rechargeable battery • Optionally expandable with OR703 multigas analyzer & test lungs • Optionally FlowLab PC software • Expandable with Vacuum module (PF301) or Low pressure sensor module (PF-302)

OR703 Anaesthesia gas analyser Expand capabilities of your Flow Analyzer with the optional Multi Gas Analyzer OR-703 to measure CO2, N2O, Halothane, Enflurane, Isoflurane, Sevoflurane and Desflurane.

Imtmedical FlowLab Software Monitor flow, pressure and volume measurements comfortably on your PC monitor while saving your ventilation parameters • Test Report – Important tests should be clearly documented. • Real-time curves – Detailed display options at a glance. • Trending – Record, export and analyse. • Numerical display – Clear presentation of desired values. • Windows based • USB connection to PF300 series or Citrex

imt medical warranty

A warranty always comes with imtmedical purchase. imtmedical products are delivered as a standard with an 1 year warranty, with an option for obtaining up to 3 years warranty*. To uphold the warranty, a product must be sent in for a yearly service/calibration at Secma. *If service is carried out by 3rd party, the warranty no longer applies.



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