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Technical approval Technical approval CSTB Manufacture certification ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 CALEIDO CREATIVITY As every project is different and that yo...

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Polycarbonate Architecture

Systèmes PAC Policarb® Arcoplus® Concept

344X 347 547


arcoPlus® Interlocking

Glazing systems 344X 347 547 549

344X 347 547


arcoPlus® Interlocking Translucent Glazing Systems 344X 347 547 549 © J. Belondrade

arcoPlus® translucent glazing system is a complete range of 40mm thick panels destined for all types of buildings. The rapid installation of an arcoPlus® interlocking facade is ideal for the thermal renovation of industrial buildings or gymnasiums’ facades with low to medium height (up to 10m).

A SIMPLE "A LA CARTE" SYSTEM The four different panels respond to different thermal or aesthetic standards and benefit from a quick and simple installation.

> Thermal transmittance U value: 1.0 to 1.9/Wm²°C > Profiles to rupture thermal bridges >E  xclusive interlocking system with mortise and tenon (malefemale)

AREA Showroom Flourens, France

Pierre de Coubertin Gymnasium Domène, France

Day-care center, France




> Optimum light


> Choice of insulation > Quick & easy


> PERFECT AIR & WATER Lights Shop Rennes, France


> Colour range

& finishings

Maulnier School Gymnasium Nice, France


GREAT HEIGHTS Thanks to a specially adapted profile, arcoPlus® interlocking cladding systems can reach heights of up to 10m, whilst other similar systems only reach heights of 7m. The length between the supports is from 2.2 to 2.4m depending on the model.

AESTHETIC MERIT arcoPlus® range offers a unique visual experience. Regardless of the observation angle, the rendering is homogeneous, without any deformation or ripple effect.

> Adapted ventilation

& smoke extraction systems

arcoPlus® Interlocking 344X 347 547 549 Technical characteristics Production Standards



As every project is different and that your imagination is limitless, the arcoPlus® colour palette offers a large range of the colour spectrum, from soft to vibrant tones. But creativity doesn’t stop here! According to your projects and ideas, we can create together, a unique colour adapted to your needs. Taylored just for you!


549 500mm

Thickness Structure


333mm 40mm 4 layers

7 layers

9 layers





16 dB

21 dB


Length between supports

Up to 2.2 m

Fire resistance

Euro Class B-s1-d0 (M1)

Thermal transmittance

Up to 2.4 m

Up to 2.2 m

Up to 2.4m

Euro Class B-s2-d0 (M1)

Seismic resistance

Zones 1 to 4 / Buildings class I to IV CSTBDER/CLC-09-133

Technical approval

Technical approval CSTB

Manufacture certification

ISO 9001 / ISO 14001


Top/side aluminium profile Ref. 4045 or 4045 TH

ArcoPlus® interlocking panel

Fixing lug Ref. 4050

Base profile Ref. 4047 ou 4047 TH Cover photography: AREA Showroom © J. Belondrade

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