Applications and Specialization

systems, Google ranking, portfolio optimization, weather forecasting or big data analysis. Here, the first step is to identify essential variables and ...

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Master program

Basic courses

(Advanced Theoretical Mathematics, Computational Mathematics, Data Science)

sem. 1 and 2

Optimization Methods

Algebraic and Geometric Methods

Nonlinear Optimization Algorithms for Convex Optimization

Algeabraic and Differenial Geometry Topology and Complex Geometry

Stochastic Models

Data Science

Stochastic Analysis Stochastic Processes

Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics Matrix Methods, Statistics

Minor in Mechanical Engeneering, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Computer Science, Economics and Business Administration




Applications and Specialization Optimization with PDEs, Optimization under Uncertainty, Randomized Algorithms and Online Optimization, Combinatorial Optimization, Infinite-Dimensional Optimization

Advanced and Computational Mathematics Nowadays the use of mathematics is indispensable for an efficient treatment of complex realworld problems coming from engineering, computer science, economics, finance etc. To list a few but rather influential and striking examples, we refer to household automatic control systems, Google ranking, portfolio optimization, weather forecasting or big data analysis. Here, the first step is to identify essential variables and model those links between them which crucially determine a real-world problem. This then allows to analyze the resulting mathematical model in a quantitative way. In particular, computation and optimization issues become important in order to obtain new cutting-edge knowledge about the problem and its solution. We arrive at a more thorough understanding and efficient treatments of the real-world application.

sem. 3 and 4

Inverse Problems, Regularization Theory and Practice, Fast solvers for PDEs, Model Reduction, Fourier Analysis, Introduction to Wavelets, Analysis and Numerics of Integral Methods, Orthogonal Polynomials, Distributions and Differential Operators


Time Series Analysis, Quantitative Finance, Asymptotic and Extreme Value Statistics, Mathematical Methods od Uncertainty Quantification, Methods of Algebraic Statistics Graph Theory, Singularity Theory, Game Theory, Mathematics of Big Data, Algebraic Geometry, Convex and Toric Geometry, Low-dimensional geometry and topology

Real-world Problem -

3 Research Seminars and/or Summer schools Master Thesis Modelling



New Knowledge-


Mathematical model -

Ph.D. program sem 6 to 10

Research for Ph. D. Thesis Seminars, additional lectures


Basics for the Master program (Phase 1) There is no admission restriction for this degree program. However, there will be a review of the credits which were obtained in the previous study program (usually within a Bachelor program). Normal period of study: 4 semesters Degree: Master Start of study: in winter or summer term

Basics for the Ph.D. program (Phase 2) Students with excellent results in their Master degree (externally or in Phase 1) qualify for the Ph.D. program.

International Master- and Ph. D. Program in Mathematics Faculty of Mathematics

Normal period of study: 6 semesters Degree: Ph.D. Start of study: in winter or summer term.

Application Apply using the form available at Together with the form, please hand in the following documents: - curriculum vitae (with a description of your school career) - a list of all passed mathematical courses with a short description of contents - a list of all passed exams - two recommendation letters - Certified copy/translation into English or German of the bachelor's or Master's degree certificate, respectively Please send your application with the complete documents to: Technische Universität Chemnitz Studentensekretariat Abteilung Zulassung ausländischer Studienbewerber 09107 Chemnitz Germany In order to process applications as quickly as possible, it would be helpful to send a copy of all of the documents mentioned above as a single pdf-file to [email protected] Academic advisor for the international Master and Ph.D. program Dr. Thomas Kalmes [email protected] Phone: +49 371 531 34991

Stand: Juni 2017

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Master- and Ph. D. Program

The integrated Master- and Ph.D. program at the Chemnitz University of Technology leads after four semesters to the masters degree and after additional six semesters to the Ph. D.