Analysis of Image Series through Global Digital Image

Analysis of Image Series through Global Digital Image Correlation Gilles Besnard,a Hugo Leclerc, a Francois Hild,a;∗ St´ephane Rouxa and Nicolas Swier...

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Contents Preface xv Acknowledgments xix Author xxi Section I Introduction to Digital Image Processing and Analysis 1. Digital Image Processing and Analysis 3

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2011-04-06 Digital Image Processing Achim J. Lilienthal AASS Learning Systems Lab, Dep. Teknik Room T1209 (Fr, 11-12 o'clock) [email protected]

CONTENTS Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION 1 1.1 Background 1 1.2 Digital Image Representation 6 1.3 Fundamental Steps in Image Processing 7 1.4 Elements of Digital Image Processing Systems 10

– installed on one image processing workstations • Custom software of microscopes. EMBL internal only ... Digital Image Processing Author: Stefan Terjung