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ACTIVE-MATRIX LIQUID-CRYSTAL DISPLAYS — TFT Technologies and Related Materials —



July 11-13, 2001 Kogakuin University, Tokyo, Japan Sponsored by The Japan Society of Applied Physics in cooperation with The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers of Japan The Institute of Image Information and Television Engineers The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan The Chemical Society of Japan Japanese Liquid Crystal Society UB/TIB Hannover 122 087 305


CONTENTS July 1 1 , Wednesday Opening Session (9:30-9:45) 9:30


Welcome Address K. Suzuki, Toshiba, Japan Award Presentation

Keynote Address (9:45-10:45) 9:45


10:15 (Keynote-2)

LCD for Cellular Terminals -Impact on Cellular ServicesM. Minomo, NTT DoCoMo, Japan System on Panel for Mobile Displays S.J. Battersby, Philips Res. Labs., U.K.

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Coffee Break (10:45-11:00) AM:AM Technologies (11:00-12:25) 11:00 (AM-1) 11:25 (AM-2)

11:45 (AM-3)

12:05 (AM-4)

Active-Matrix Electrophoretic Displays (Invited) S. Inoue, H. Kawai, S. Kanbe, T. Saeki and T. Shimoda, Seiko Epson, Japan A 2.15 inch QCIF Reflective Color TFT-LCD with Integrated 4bit DAC Driver and Digital Memory T. Maeda, Y. Tanaka, M. Goto, H. Kimura, T. Morita, J. Hirota and H. Sato, Toshiba, Japan A Poly-Si TFT Push-Pull Analog Buffer and Its Application to Integrated Data Drivers H.-J. Chung, S.-W. Lee* and C.-H. Han, KAIST and *Samsung Electron., Korea The High Performance Low-Temperature Poly-Si TFT for Integrated DAC and AMP Circuit Y. Goto, H. Yoshihashi, N. Tada, T. Ishiu, M. Tada, T. Nakazono, T. Motai, A. Ishida, A. Takami and J. Tsutsumi, Toshiba, Japan





Lunch (12:25-14:00) LC:LC Technologies (14:00-15:05) 14:00 (LC-1) 14:25 (LC-2) 14:45 (LC-3)

Photo-Alignment LC Technology for Newly-Developed LCD Modes (Invited) Y. Iimura, Tokyo Univ. of Agri. & Technol., Japan Three-Dimensional Finite Element Modeling of Liquid Crystal Devices S. Yoon, J. Jung, C. Lee and T. Won, Inha Univ., Korea Thin Film LCD: Design and Manufacturing Y. Bobrov, P. Lazarev, L. Fennell, M. Paukshto and S. Remizov, Optiva, U.S.A

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Coffee Break (15:05-15:25) TFTl:Process Technologies (15:25-17:10) 15:25 (TFT1-1) 15:50 (TFT1-2)

Current Status of Simplified TFT-LCD Processes (Invited) C.-W. Kim, C.-O. Jeong and H.-G. Kim, Samsung Electron., Korea Plastic Electronics (Invited) Z. Bao, A. Dodabalapur, H. Schon, J. Rogers, H. Katz, A. Lovinger, C. Kloc, B. Batlogg, B. Crone, K. Baldwin, V. Kuck, V.R. Raju, P. Wiltzius, E. Reichmanis, E. Chandross, Lucent Technol., U.S.A i



16:15 (TFT1-3)

16:35 (TFT1-4) 16:55 (AM-LN-1)

Characterization of Polycrystalline Silicon Thin Film Transistor H. Watakabe, Y. Tsunoda, T. Sameshima and M. Kimura*, Tokyo Univ. ofAgri. & Technol. and *Seiko Epson, Japan Low Temperature Formation of High Quality SiO2/Si Interface Using ECR-PECVD D. Abe, S. Higashi, S. Inoue and T. Shimoda, Seiko Epson, Japan A Highly Integrated AMLCD for Mobile Phone Applications (Late-News) M.J. Edwards, J.R. Ayres, M.J. Trainor, N.D. Young, A.D. Pearson, S.D. Godfrey and A.V. Henzen*, Philips Res. Labs., U.K. and *Philips Mobile Display Systems, The Netherlands

45 49


Author Interviews (17:15-17:45) Banquet (18:00-20:00)

July 1 2 , Thersday HP:High-Performance TFT-LCDs (9:00-11:00) 9:00




10:00 (HP-3) 10:30 (HP-4)

High-Performamce Reflective TFT-LCD (Symposium) N. Kimura, Sharp, Japan High Resolution and High Screen Quality Technologies for Large Size TFT/LCD (Symposium) S. Odahara and M. Ikezaki, IBM Japan, Japan Fast Response OCB Mode for LCD-TV (Symposium) K. Kumagawa, Matsushita Electr., Japan Super-TFT-LCD for Moving Picture Images (Symposium) J. Hirakata, A. Shingai, S. Sasaki, Y. Tanaka and K. Ono, Hitachi, Japan


59 63 67

Coffee Break (11:00-11:20) TS:TFT Systems (11:20-12:20) 11:20 (TS-1) 11:50 (TS-2)

Poly-Si TFT Technology for System on Glass (Symposium) K. Kanzaki, Toshiba, Japan Integraed AMLCD for System-on-Glass (Symposium) H.J. Kim, Samsung Electron., Korea

71 75

Lunch (12:20-14:00) TS:TFT Systems (14:00-15:30) 14:00 (TS-3) 14:30 (TS-4) 15:00 (TS-5)

Concept of System on Panel (Symposium) Y. Matsueda, S. Inoue and T. Shimoda, Seiko Epson, Japan Flexible Display with Fully-Integrated Drivers (Symposium) A. Chiang, Alien Technol., U.S.A A Silicon Dot Thin Film Transistor Memory (Symposium) K. Taira and N. Kawashima, Sony, Japan

Coffee Break (15:30-15:45)

Discussion on Future Display (15:45-16:15) Author Interviews (16:30-17:00)


77 81 85

Poster Session (16:30-18:30) AMp:AM-LCD Technologies (AMp-1)



A 3.6-inch VGA Low-Temperature Poly-Si TFT-LCD H. Tomitani, Y. Numada, T. Ohtomo, M. Matsunami, T. Kawamura and Y. Tsuchihashi, Matsushita Electr., Japan Design for Low Power Consumption of an Image-Memory LCD Using Ferroelectric Film Y. Onozuka, Y. Hara, T. Hioki, T. Ueda, R. Hasegawa and M. Akiyama, Toshiba, Japan Withdrawn



LCp:LC Technologies (LCp-1)

Determination of Cell Gap and Twist Angle of Liquid Crystal Cell by Transmission Ellipsometry S. Itoh, I. Hirosawa, K. Muraki* and H. Kowa*, NEC and *Uniopt, Japan


LCp-LN:Late News (LCp-LN-1) Development of High Performance ASV-LCDs Using Continuous Pinwheel Alignment (CPA) Mode (Late-News) M. Kubo, A. Yamamoto, K. Ogishima, T. Ochi, K. Miyachi, T. Shinomiya and S. Mizushima, Sharp, Japan 101 TFTpl:Crystallization (TFTpl-1)









Crystallization of a-Si Thin Films by Electroless Pd Plating G.-R. Hu, Y.C.S. Wu, C.-W. Chao, Y.-C. Chen and M.-S. Feng, Natl. Chiao Tung Univ., Taiwan Crystallization of Silicon Thin Films by Current-Induced Joule Heating Using Metal Films T. Sameshima, Y. Kaneko and N. Andoh, Tokyo Univ. ofAgri. & Technol., Japan Characterization of Crystalline Properties of Silicon Films Formed by Joule Heating of Metal Films Y. Kaneko, N. Andoh and T. Sameshima, Tokyo Univ. ofAgri. & Technol., Japan Characterization of Electrical and Structural Properties of Solid Phase Crystallized Silicon Films T. Watanabe, H. Watakabe, K. Asada, T. Sameshima and M. Miyasaka*, Tokyo Univ. ofAgri. & Technol. and *Seiko Epson, Japan Electroless Plating Ni Induced Crystallization of Amorphous Silicon Thin Films C.-W. Chao, Y.C.S. Wu, Y.-C. Chen, G.-R. Hu and M.-S. Feng, Natl. Chiao Tung Univ., Taiwan Study on the Formation of the Periodic Grain Boundary Produced by a Nd:YAG Pulse Laser Beam with Linear Polarization Y. Nakata, H. Kaki and S. Horita, JAIST, Japan Characteristics of Recrystallized Poly-Si Film Prepared by EL A of a-Si Deposited on SiO2/SiN/Glass Using PE-CVD Method N. Kawamoto, H. Abe*, N. Matsuo, R. Taguchi, T. Nouda* and H. Hamada*, Yamaguchi Univ. and *Sanyo Electr., Japan Enlargement of Grain Growth in Sequential-Lateral-Solidification Process by Double-Pulse Method H. Okumura, M. Jyumonji, K. Sera, F. Okumura, K. Sugioka* and K. Midorikawa*. NEC and *Jnst. ofPhys. & Chem. Res., Japan Single-Shot Excimer Laser Crystallization Mechanisms of Thin Polysilicon Films L. Mariucci and G. Fortunato, IESS-CNR, Italy Hi





119 123


131 135

TFTp2:Process Technologies (TFTp2-l) (TFTp2-2) (TFTp2-3)


Excimer Laser Annealing System for AMLCDs: A Long Laser Pulse and Adapted Ambient for High-Performances, Uniform and Stable TFT C. Prat, M. Stehle, D. Zahorski, SOPRA, France 139 Dopant Activation of Poly-Si Film with Different Oxide Capping Layer by ELA System K.-C. Lin, Y.-C. Peng, L.-M. Wang and W.-T. Wang, ERSO/ITRI, Taiwan 143 Properties of Thin-Film Transistors Using Amorphous Silicon Films Prepared by Catalytic CVD with High Deposition Rate A. Masuda, M. Sakai, T. Tsutsumi, T. Yonezawa and H. Matsumura, JAIST, Japan 147 TEOS PECVD Oxide for Large-Area Low Temperature Polycrystalline Silicon TFT Technology F. Farmakis, M. Elyaakoubi, T. Oitome*, T. Strutz*, A. Marxer**, D. Thenot***, S. Doucet***, M. Beguet*** andF. Plais***, UNAXISFrance, France, *UNAXIS Japan, Japan, **UNAXIS Balzers, Liechtenstein and ***Thales LCR, France 151

TFTp3:Device Technologies (TFTp3-l)


A Clean Poly-Si/Gate Oxide Interface Formation through Consecutive Remote-Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition of SiO2 Following Excimer Laser Crystallization of Si Layer H. Tanabe and K. Sera, NEC, Japan 155 Electrical Characteristics Study of Edgeless Structure on P-type Low Temperature Poly-Si TFT W.-Y. Huang, C.S. Chang and W.-T. Wang, ERSO/ITRI, Taiwan 159

TFTp4: Characterization and Simulation (TFTp4-l)

(TFTp4-2) (TFTp4-3) (TFTp4-4)


The Kink Effect: Transient Measurements of Low Temperature Polysilicon Thin Film Transistors N. Bavidge, M. Boero*, P. Migliorato and T. Shimoda**, Cambridge Univ., *Epson Cambridge Lab., U.K. and **Seiko Epson, Japan 163 Enhancement of Solid-Phase Crystallization of a-Si on SiO2 by Si-Si Bond Modulation T. Sadoh, I. Tsunoda, T. Nagata, A. Kenjo and M. Miyao, Kyushu Univ., Japan... 167 Location Control Technique of Large Si Grain Growth by Simulation T. Kudo, D. Ichishima, T. Harii and C.-G. Jin*, Sumitomo Heavy Ind. and TIC, Japan 171 Reliability Improvement of TFTs with Thin Gate Insulator Films by Smoothing Polycrystalline Silicon Surface Roughness T. Fujimura, A. Takami, A. Ishida, S. Kawamura and T. Nishibe, Toshiba, Japan 175 Hot Carrier Effects in Low-Temperature Poly-Si p-ch TFTs under Dynamic Stress Y. Uraoka, N. Nagano, T. Hatayama, T. Fuyuki, M. Furuta*, T. Kawamura* and Y. Tsuchihashi*, Nara Inst. ofSci.


& Technol. and *Matsushita Electr., Japan . . . 179

Reliability of Low-Temperature Poly-Si TFTs with LDD Structure and It's Application for 3.6-inch (VGA) TFT-LCDs M. Furuta, Y. Nakazaki, A. Nakamura, T. Kawakita, H. Tsutsu, T. Kawamura and Y. Tsuchihashi, Matsushita Electr., Japan


TFTp-LN:Late News (TFTp-LN-1) High Field Effect Mobility Polysilicon Thin Film Transistors Involving Frequency Doubled cw-Nd:YAG-Laser Crystallisation (Late-News) Y. Helen, G. Gautier, T. Mohammed-Brahim, O. Bonnaud, G. Andra*. J. Bergmann* and F. Falk*, Univ. de Rennes, France and *Inst. fur Physikalische Hochtechnol., Germany 187 iv

(TFTp-LN-2) In-Situ Silicide Mediated Crystallization of a-Si (Late-News) S.J. Park, H.J. Kim, S.Y. Yoo, Y.D. Son, K.S. Cho and J. Jang, Kyung Hee Univ., Korea 189 (TFTp-LN-3) Extraction of Trap States at the Oxide-Silicon Interface and Grain Boundary in Laser-Crystallized Polycrystalline Silicon Thin-Film Transistors (Late-News) M. Kimura, S.W.-B. Tam*, O.K. Basil Lui*, R. Nozawa, S. Inoue, T. Shimoda and P. Migliorato**, Seiko Epson, Japan, *Epson Cambridge Lab. and ^Cambridge Univ., U.K. 191 (TFTp-LN-4) Thin Gate Oxides Deposited by Remote Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition for High-Performance Poly-Si TFTs (Late-News) S. Mori, K. Takechi, H. Tanabe and G. Xu*, NEC and ANELVA, Japan 193

July 1 3 , Friday TFT2:Characterization and Simulation (9:00-10:25) 9:00






10:05 (TFT2-4)

Device Physics of Poly-Si TFTs: Trap-Assisted G-R Processes and Transient Effects (Invited) P. Migliorato, N. Bavidge, M. Boero* and T. Shimoda**, Cambridge Univ., *Epson Cambridge Lab., U.K. and **Seiko Epson, Japan Effects of Various Hydrogenation Processes on Stress-Induced Degradation in pChannel Poly-Si Thin Film Transistors Y. Jeong, D. Nagashima, H. Kuwano, T. Nouda* and H. Hamada*, Keio Univ. and *Sanyo Electr., Japan A New Self-Consistent Model for the Analysis of Hot-Carrier Induced Degradation and its Application to Gate Overlapped LDD Polysilicon TFTs A. Valletta, L. Mariucci, G. Fortunato, F. Rohlfing*, R. Ayres* and S.D. Brotherton*, IESS-CNR, Italy and *Philips Res. Labs., U.K. Relaxation of Stress in Laser-Crystallized Polysilicon Thin Films Observed by Raman Spectroscopy K. Kitahara, R. Yamazaki and A. Moritani, Shimane Univ., Japan





Coffee Break (10:25-10:40)

OLED:OLED Display Technologies (10:40-12:15) 10:40 (OLED-1) 11:05 (OLED-2)

11:30 (OLED-3)

11:55 (OLED-4)

Lunch (12:15-13:30)

Polymer Light-Emitting Diodes for Use in Flat Panel Displays (Invited) R.H. Friend, Cavendish Lab., U.K. Performance of p-Si Pixel Circuits for Active Matrix Polymer LED Displays (Invited) I.M. Hunter, M. Childs*, D.A. Fish*, A. Giraldo**, M.T. Johnson** and N.D. Young*, Philips Mobile Display Systems Kobe, Japan, *Philips Res., The Netherlands and **Philips Res., U.K. Active Matrix OLED Displays with a High Efficiency Red Emission Material (Invited) K. Shibata and H. Takahashi, Sanyo Electr., Japan Analog-Circuit Simulation of the Current-Programmed Active-Matrix Pixel Electrode Circuits Based on Poly-Si TFT for Organic Light-Emitting Displays R. Hattori, Y. Kuroki and J. Kanicki*, Kyushu Univ., Japan and *Univ. of Michigan, U.S.A





TFT3:CrystaIlization (13:30-14:50) 13:30 (TFT3-1)

13:50 (TFT3-2)

14:10 (TFT3-3)

14:30 (TFT3-4)

Ultra-High Performance Poly-Si TFTs on a Glass by a Stable Scanning CW Laser Lateral Crystallization A. Hara, F. Takeuchi, M. Takei, K. Yoshino, K. Suga and N. Sasaki, Fujitsu Labs., Japan Pulsed-Laser-Induced Microcrystallization and Amorphization of Silicon Thin Films S. Higashi, S. Inoue, T. Shimoda and T. Sameshima*, Seiko Epson and *Tokyo Univ. ofAgri. and Technol., Japan High-Performance Single-Grain Thin Finn Transistor Produced by Metal Imprint Technology K. Makihira, M. Yoshii and T. Asano, Kyushu Inst. of Technol., Japan Formation of Polycrystalline Silicon Thin Films by Electrical Current-Induced Joule Heating N. Andoh, T. Mohri and T. Sameshima, Tokyo Univ. ofAgri. & Technol., Japan...





Coffee Break (14:50-15:10) TFT4:Device Technologies (15:10-16:45) 15:10 (TFT4-1)





Double-Gate Poly-Si Thin-Film Transistors Fabricated Using Self-Aligned Technology K. Makihira, K. Nakagawa and T. Asano, Kyushu Inst. of Technol., Japan (TFT4-2) Impacts of Field-Induced Drain (FID) on the Ambipolar Operation of Poly-Si Schottky-Barrier Thin-Film Transistors (SBTFTs) H.-C. Lin, K.-L. Yeh*, R.-G. Huang* and T.-Y. Huang*, Natl. Nano Device Labs, and *Natl. Chiao Tung Univ., Taiwan (TFT4-3) Performance of Poly-Si TFTs Fabricated by a Stable Scanning CW Laser Crystallization F. Takeuchi, M. Takei, K. Hotta*, K. Yoshino, K. Suga, A. Hara and N. Sasaki, Fujitsu Labs, and *Fujitsu, Japan (TFT4-4) Low Temperature Process Technologies and Their Application to Polycrystalline Si Thin-Film Transistor Fabrication S. Higashi, D. Abe, S. Inoue and T. Shimoda, Seiko Epson, Japan (TFT-LN-1) Effects of Grain-Boundaries on Excimer-Laser Crystallized Poly-Si Thin-Film Transistors (Late-News) R. Ishihara, Delft Univ. of Technol., The Netherlands

Author Interviews (16:50-17:20)



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