42 A. T. B. 184 note 4: omit stacc. by analogy

er’s fair copy of the Third Symphony, Sinfo-nia espansiva, had been lost: ... 214 tr.1 115 notes 2-4: add marc. (by analogy with cor., trb.b.) ... Car...

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Playing / The whole Landschaftspark is one great playground. Kids will love the adventure playground with the tube-slide. You will find the water-playground next to the Wind Turbine Tower. Park+ Points / At designated buildings and facilities you’ll

other, without using intermediate results. This some-times requires stochastic elements, as used in Copycat ([Hofstadter and the Fluid Analogies Research Gr., 1995]) or the use of heuristics, such as the systematicity princi-ple in SME ([Falkenheimer

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performs on medical words. ... Définition 2.1 Let x be a string over an ... fx = (fx1;:::;fxn), such that x = fx1 fx2 fxn, where denotes the concatenation operator

This work has been digitalized and published in 2013 by V erlag Zeitschrift für Naturforschung in cooperation with the Max Planck Society for the

Prop. 2009/10:184 5 1 Förslag till riksdagsbeslut Regeringen föreslår att riksdagen antar regeringens förslag till 1. lag om ändring i miljöbalken, 2. lag om ändring i lagen (1966:314) om kontinentalsockeln,

the vertebral split together and the dura mater whichblendswiththeperiosteum. Thestrong sub-cutaneous fibrous sheet seen in A.fragilis affords greatprotectiontothetail, infact,itisverydifficult tobreakthetail bysimplemechanicalstrain, while in L. viv

Assumption (OWA) that is generally made in the target con-text, differently from data mining settings where the Closed World Assumption (CWA) is the standard

11 The Government of the Republic of Korea provided financial support towards the following activities: a national seminar on facilitation of maritime traffic and the acceptance of FAL in Angola; a national training course on casualty investigation i

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