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• A.T.Prime with LOBADUR ® HS 2K Intensive • Let dry acc. to technical information. • Roll on 2K InvisibleProtect A.T. For heavily stressed areas appl...

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2K InvisibleProtect New-generation, water-based surface protection for parquet and hardwood floors. For extremely heavy wear. The natural look and feel of the untreated wood is maintained. The virtually invisible layer is also extremely scratch-resistant thanks to the use of the highest-quality raw materials. Elastic, excellent chemical and abrasion resistance. • • • • • • •

Natural structure and feel like untreated wooden flooring 2-coat system without primer Certified anti-slip properties as per BGR 181 for work areas No polishing effect Excellent chemical resistance As easy to clean as finished surfaces No grain accentuation, the original color of the wood remains as it was in its original state

Range of use: Suitable for parquet, wood and cork flooring. Anti-slip as per BGR 181 and DIN 51130 evaluation group R9.

BGR 181

Loba GmbH & Co. KG Emissionsgeprüftes Bauprodukt nach DIBt-Grundsätzen Z-157.10-192

Technical Data Art.-no. 11474

1 kg 5 kg

6 2

360 96



32 ±2%

Viscosity DIN 4

28 ±2s

Storage and transportation

12 months of storage stability. No hazardous material according to ADR. Store and transport between +5 to +25°C. Protect from frost.




EU limit value for this product (cat. A/j): 140 g/l (2010). This product contains max. 47 g/l VOC(mixture with hardener).

* The degree of gloss is measured at 60° on glass. It depends on the layer thickness and ambient conditions (temp., rel. humidity) during the drying process. The values are intended merely as a guide.


Gloss level approx.*

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2K InvisibleProtect Application • Shake product, add hardener to base at a ratio of 10 : 1 and then shake to mix. For mixing smaller quantities, use the LOBATOOL Mixing Container or a scale to weigh out the components. Usable up to 2 hours after mixing. • The surface must be sanded properly, wood moisture content max. 12%. • The floor must be dry and free from any old coatings, oil, grease, wax, silicone, sanding dust and other contaminants. Room temperature +15°C to +25°C, relative humidity 40% to 75%, material temperature +18°C to +25°C. Ensure working areas are adequately ventilated. • Transfer material to a LOBATOOL varnish bucket before applying. • Shake the contents well. • Observe the general and, if available, the product-specific health and safety instructions. More specific information relating to GISCODE can be found in the usage instructions, which are available at www.wingis-online.de. • This product is part of the LOBA and Wakol “Connected Systems”. The approved combinations with Wakol parquet adhesives may be found in the "Connected Systems" Matrix: www.loba.de/connected-systems

Thinner The product is supplied ready for use and must not be diluted!

Application tool/application rate LOBATOOL roller Deluxe 120 / 110-130 ml(g)/m2 = 8-9 m2/l (kg)

Intermediate sanding Able to recoat without intermediate sanding within the first 24 hours. After this time, an intermediate sanding is necessary. An intermediate sanding before the last application will achieve an even finish. Use LOBASAND perforated pad P180 or finer, alternatively Sanding Net P180 or finer. Carefully remove dust before overcoating.

Drying time Earliest possible recoating after 4-6 hours. Careful use possible after 4-6 hours. Earliest possible intermediate sanding after 8-10 hours. Light use after 24 hours. Full use and covering possible after 5 days. The floor can be covered earlier by using LOBATOOL Cover 400, for details see the TI for the product.


• • • • • •

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2K InvisibleProtect Application Set-up recommendation without a primer, areas of special to extremely heavy wear: Possible for rigid or shear-resistant adhesive. 2K InvisibleProtect A.T. is especially effective on light timbers such as oak, ash, maple and light beech. To increase safety of use and decrease the risk of lap-marks especially on dark wood types. Prior to the first application of 2K InvisibleProtect A.T. the surface can be primed with WS EasyPrime. • Prepare the substrate correctly. • Roll on 2K InvisibleProtect A.T. • Dry for 8-10 hours • Intermediate sanding • Roll on 2K InvisibleProtect A.T.

Alternative Set-up recommendation with Oil-primer, for normal wear: Set-up combines optic and haptic of an oiled surface with cleaning properties of finished surfaces. • Prepare and sand surface. • Prime with LOBADUR® HS 2K Intensive A.T. • Let dry acc. to technical information. • Roll on 2K InvisibleProtect A.T. For heavily stressed areas apply another coat fo 2K InvisibleProtect A.T. necessary. Perform intermediate sanding prior to final coating with LOBASAND grid pad and underlayed sanding stripes P240.

Use on cork: Seal only after the adhesive has set adequately.

Untreated natural cork: • Apply two layers of 2K InvisibleProtect A.T. by roller. • Allow the first layer to dry overnight (reduces the risk of granule swelling). • Intermediate sanding before the final application.

Prefinished cork Observe the cork supplier's instructions. If suitable for recoating, apply one layer of 2K InvisibleProtect A.T. after an intermediate sanding.

Renovation / recoating of old coatings Basic cleaning with CareRemover. Use a rotary disk buffing machine and a LOBASAND SpecialPad green. Care product residues must be completely removed. Even small amounts of residue can adversely effect the bond of the coating. Clean with clear water (neutralise). After drying, carry out a thorough intermediate sanding. Apply one layer of 2K InvisibleProtect A.T. by roller.

In case of strong roughening of the wood, optionally apply a further layer of 2K InvisibleProtect A.T. after an intermediate sanding. Layer-building care products would change the unique extramatt surface to a shinier optic. For this reason, we recommend not using them. Instead, perform an intermediate sanding according to the level of stress and apply another coat of with 2K InvisibleProtect A.T. afterwards.


Important information

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2K InvisibleProtect General guidelines Cleaning of tools: Clean tools and equipment immediately with water. Drying time: The indicated drying times are valid for +20°C and 50% relative humidity, and assume careful, draught-free ventilation of the working area. Lower temperatures, higher relative humidity or poorer ventilation lead to longer drying times. Do not apply any protective coverings, wet clean the surface or lay carpet until the coating has achieved its final hardening. Product-specific data can be found in the relevant technical information. Intermediate sanding: Where several layers of coatings are applied, if any layer is not overcoated within 24 hours, then the only way to ensure adequate bond between the layers is by intermediate sanding. An intermediate sanding before the final application will achieve an even surface. Carefully clean off the dust after intermediate sanding. Interactions: Materials such as carpet underlays, furniture legs, castors, flexible adhesives used for parquet or for fixing can lead to softening and discoloration. Material building up in the joints can adversely affect touch and appearance. Exposure to hair dyes or rubber tyres on cars, motorcycles and cycles can lead to permanent, irreversible discoloration of the surface. Connected Systems: Connected Systems approved products are optimized in such way that no dark discoloration, caused by chemical interaction between surfacetreatment and adhesive occurs, when applied in accordance with the technical datasheets. The information in this document and all other advice and recommendations that we provide to help and assist the applicator are based on previous experience and relate to Spezial conditions. Because of the wide range of possible uses and conditions of application of our products, we do not relieve users from the need to carry out their own trials or to seek technical advice by speaking to the LOBA application engineering department. Observe the floor covering manufacturer's recommendations and the provisions of the current standards. Our liabilities and responsibilities are exclusively in accordance with our Terms and Conditions and are not extended by this information or by our advice. The publishing of a new technical data sheet automatically invalidates the earlier version.


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