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work and writing reports The course may include study trips, which entails additional expences for the students The course is given both as a campus c...

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Reg No: FAK3 2007/189

Faculty of Social and Life Sciences Biology Syllabus Course Approval The syllabus was approved by the Faculty Board of Social and Life Sciences on 25 April 2007, and is valid from the Autumn semester of 2007 at Karlstad University. It replaces the former syllabus BIA109. Course Code: BIGA16 Prokaryotic Cell Biology, 7.5 ECTS Credits (Cellbiologi: prokaryoter, 7.5 Swedish credit points) Degree Level: Bachelor Progression Level: A Language of Instruction Swedish Prerequisites In addition to standard University admission requirements:Mathematics C, Chemistry A and Biology A. Major Field of Study Biology Learning Outcomes Upon completion of the course, students should be able to exhibit basic knowledge in microbiology such as procaryotic cell structure, metabolism and genetics, and the role of microorganisms in nature, such as ecological processes, waste water treatment and and other environmental aspects. exhibit abilities in methods used in cell and molecular biology, and sterile technique search for relevant microbiological information on the web and in bibliographic databases prepare written and oral presentations of microbiological information Content and Form of Instruction The aim of this course is to give an introduction to the structure, function, metabolism and energy conversions of the procaryotic cell. Bacterial genetics and microbial techniques are also included in the course. The role of microorganisms in the ecological systems are of great importance in this course. The course consists of two complementary parts: one theoretical part in which the the education is based on lectures and discussions on the course content, and a practical and methodological part consisting of laboratory work and writing reports The course may include study trips, which entails additional expences for the students The course is given both as a campus course and as a distance learning course. All students have access to the same online education material by means of a learning management system (LMS). The education on campus consists of lecures, laborations and group activities. The laborations are mandatory. For the students involved in

distanse learning there are at least one mandatory wekeend at Karlstad university Reading List See separate document. Examination Examination is arranged in connection with the course and furthermore twice a year. The examination is based on the course literature, lecture contents and the practical work. Grades One of the grades Distinction (VG), Pass (G) or Fail (U) is awarded for the course. Quality Assurance Follow-up relating to learning conditions and goal-fulfilment takes place both during and upon completion of the course in order to ensure continuous improvement. Course assessment is based on student views and experiences as reported in written course evaluations and/or group discussions. Students will be informed of the result of the evaluation and of the measures to be taken. Course Certificate A course certificate will be provided upon request. Additional Information Students who enrolled before 1 July 2007 will complete their studies in accordance with the requirements of the earlier admission. Upon completion students may request degree and course certificates to be issued under the current ordinance if they meet its requirements. Courses that overlap can not be included in the same exam. BIGA16 can not be included together with BIA109, BIA101, BIA111, BILU20, BILU40, BIOA20, BIOA40, BIOA42, BIOA13 eller BIOA33 The local regulations for studies at the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels at Karlstad University, ref. C2007/368, stipulate the obligations and rights of students and staff.

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