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earlier admission. Upon completion students may request degree and course certificates to be issued under the current ordinance if they meet its requi...

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Reg No: HS2013/15

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Music Syllabus Course Approval The syllabus was approved by the Faculty Board of Arts and Social Sciences on 27 August 2013 , and is valid from the Spring semester of 2014 at Karlstad University. Course Code: MIGED2 Music and Drama: On Stage II, 7.5 ECTS Credits (Musikdramatik: På scenen II, 7.5 Swedish credit points) Degree Level: Bachelor Progressive Specialisation: G1F (First cycle, has less than 60 credits in first-cycle course/s as entry requirements) Language of Instruction Swedish Prerequisites MIGED1 Music and Drama: OnStage I, 7.5 ECTS cr Major Field of Study Learning Outcomes Upon completion of the course, students should be able to: 1. contribute to the production of a musical drama through acting and performing music, 2. creating the appearance of a character by applying theatre make-up on themselves, 3. lead parts of the music ensemble at a basic level, 4. describe different parts of a musical drama production and how these interact, 5. make a role analysis. Content and Form of Instruction The main course components are: - Text and music interpretation - Techniques for studying music and rehearsing - Role analysis - Ensemble playing - Ensemble leading - Scenic presence - Theatre makeup Reading List See separate document.

Examination Assessment is based on: Learning outcome 1: group performance of musical drama. Number of examinations limited to five. Learning outcome 2: individual performance Learning outcome 3: individual performance on one occasion during the rehearsal period with an ensemble. Learning outcomes 4 and 5: oral presentation in groups Grades One of the grades Pass (G) or Fail (U) is awarded in the examination of the course (Ref.no C2013/589) Quality Assurance Follow-up relating to learning conditions and goal-fulfilment takes place both during and upon completion of the course in order to ensure continuous improvement. Course assessment is based on student views and experiences as reported in written course evaluations and/or group discussions. Students will be informed of the result of the evaluation and of the measures to be taken. Course Certificate A course certificate will be provided upon request. Additional Information Students who enrolled before 1 July 2007 will complete their studies in accordance with the requirements of the earlier admission. Upon completion students may request degree and course certificates to be issued under the current ordinance if they meet its requirements. The local regulations for studies at the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels at Karlstad University stipulate the obligations and rights of students and staff.

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