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earlier admission. Upon completion students may request degree and course certificates to be issued under the current ordinance if they meet its requi...

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Reg No: LUN 2013/15

Teacher Education English Syllabus Course Approval The syllabus was approved by the Board of Teacher Education on 8 October 2013 , and is valid from the Spring semester of 2014 at Karlstad University. Course Code: ENGL06 English for Teaching in Secondary Education - Independent Project, 15.0 ECTS Credits (Engelska för ämneslärare i årskurs 7-9 - självständigt arbete, 31-45 hp, 15.0 Swedish credit points) Degree Level: Bachelor Progressive Specialisation: G1E (First cycle, contains specially designed degree project for Higher Education Diploma) Language of Instruction English Prerequisites ENGL01, or equivalent Major Field of Study Learning Outcomes The aim of the course is that students further develop their linguistic and teaching methodological knowledge and skills as well as the ability to analyse and discuss linguistic phenomena and teaching problems. Upon completion of the course, students should be able to: 1. give an account of some theories and use the most important concept in English linguistics and language acquisition, 2. apply basic academic approaches and methods of analysis in an independent investigation, 3. formulate a well defined research question and/or a thesis statement, 4. identify and critically use relevant secondary and primary sources, 5. present the investigation in a clearly structured, well written, and properly referenced essay. Content and Form of Instruction Students acquire an overview of English linguistics and language acquisition as a basis for an independently planned and completed investigation in the form of a literature study or empirical investigation of a limited area of English linguistics of relevance to language teaching. The project topic is chosen in consultation with the supervisor. Students also develop skills in basic research methodology and source referencing. The essay is presented and defended at a seminar and students learn to review and comment on fellow-students projects Reading List See separate document.

Examination All learning outcomes are assessed on the basis of an independent project, defended at a seminar, and on the student's performance as a peer reviewer. Grades One of the grades Fail (U), Pass (g), or Distinction (VG) is awarded in the examination of the course. Quality Assurance Follow-up relating to learning conditions and goal-fulfilment takes place both during and upon completion of the course in order to ensure continuous improvement. Course assessment is based on student views and experiences as reported in written course evaluations and/or group discussions. Students will be informed of the result of the evaluation and of the measures to be taken. Course Certificate A course certificate will be provided upon request. Additional Information Students who enrolled before 1 July 2007 will complete their studies in accordance with the requirements of the earlier admission. Upon completion students may request degree and course certificates to be issued under the current ordinance if they meet its requirements. The local regulations for studies at the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels at Karlstad University stipulate the obligations and rights of students and staff. Teacher Education: Lower secondary school level.

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