from one flow rate to another the PURelAB Prima is ideal for feeding ultra-pure water systems and ... and for use in environmental ... Pump Reverse Os...

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Analytical Research

PURELAB Prima 30/60/90/120

The PURELAB Prima is ideal for feeding ultra-pure water systems and for laboratory applications including glassware washing, autoclave feed, and for use in environmental cabinets. Sophisticated microprocessor monitoring helps ensure optimum performance at all times – and you can rely on easy, cost-effective and convenient operation, with user-friendly controls, informative status displays, and simple maintenance routines.

• Simple to use – clear display of quality • Auto rinse facility maintains purity of water after periods of low use

• Minimal purification consumables (reminders for these on the display) means low cost of ownership

The costeffective choice for higher volumes

• Provides for future changes in demand: upgrade easily from one flow rate to another

Process Flow PURELAB Prima 30/60/90/120

Process Flow PURELAB Prima 30/60/90/120

Break Tank

Feedwater Inlet

Outlet to Reservoir

Pre-Filter Water Quality Sensor

Water Quality Sensor

Boost Pump Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis



Analytical Research

Treated Water Specifications Prima 30


Prima 60

Inorganics - min

Up to 98% rejection


1 3

Prima 120

>90% rejection

Inorganics - typical TOC – typical

Prima 90

>99% rejection <100 ppb



<5 CFU/ml


>99% rejection

MW > 100 Dalton 2 With suitable pretreatment, if required, depending on the feedwater Subject to correct operating and maintenance procedures

Dimensions and weights Height




Depth Weight (operational)

320mm 46kg



Feedwater Requirements Source quality Fouling index - maximum

Potable mains water supply 10

Total dissolved solids - maximum

1000 ppm

Free chlorine - maximum

<0.5 ppm

Heavy metals - maximum

0.05 ppm

Temperature Flowrate (maximum requirement)

1 - 35°C 9 l/hr

Feedwater pressure maximum

6.0 bar (90 psi)

Feedwater pressure minimum

1.4 bar (20 psi)

Electrical Requirements Mains input Power consumption Fuses Reservoir level connection Noise level

230V ac, 50Hz 115V ac, 60Hz 700VA 2 x 3.15 Amp – 230V ac 50Hz 2 x 6.3 Amp – 115V ac 60Hz Din plug 6 way <52dBA

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